Tuesday, January 3, 2012

what i learned last year

"Ring out the old, ring in the new." I like the thought. But being as I'm shamelessly sentimental, I can't help but believe that there's value in bringing the old with us into the new. Whether it's the memories of good times, forever friendships made recently, or wisdom gained through all the experiences, it would surely be a mistake to let it all go. So, even though it's January 3rd and we're well on our way into 2012, I thought I'd take the time to reflect on 2011...
January 2011. Starting off the year with your best friends is just about the best thing ever. Becoming 'one of the guys,' foregoing makeup, and backpacking through Central America is also an absolute blast, and so worth the experience.
February 2011. Just because you don't feel like a real person yet, doesn't mean you're incapable of getting a real person job. Celebrating at your alma mater makes it all the more satisfying. Furthermore, if you don't have a boyfriend on Valentine's Day, surround yourself with girlfriends for an even better time. Promise.
March 2011. Visiting great friends is one of the absolute best ways to travel. Figuring out your happiest lifestyle and being aware of your beliefs are two of life's greatest gifts. Not to mention, Kris Carr is the coolest person ever.
April 2011. Whether you believe it or not, there's always something new to discover in your hometown. If you're lucky, maybe it'll be Stone Barns. Either way though, let yourself feel whatever it is you need to feel. You'll be better off.
May 2011. Don't underestimate the magnitude of moving out of your parent's house and into your own apartment. It's always the little things. Also, you should totally celebrate your birthday all week... all month, even.
June 2011. One of the many perks of living in New York is hosting friends almost every weekend. Your siblings are growing up faster than you realize. Brunch is the best meal of the week. (But we already knew that, didn't we?)
July 2011. Appreciate the Fourth, and be thankful to have roommates as friends. Lobster rolls really are all they're cracked up to be; so is Maine. You will never grow out of grilled cheeses or friend dates. Never ever.
August 2011. Take the time to find beauty in unexpected places. Your heart is a muscle, you will strengthen it by opening it up again. There's nothing like a good blogger conference or a meal at this favorite East Village restaurant.
September 2011. No matter how busy you are, make time for family vacations. There really are such things as blessings in disguise. And, if you've ever wondered about the perfect getaway, this is it.
October 2011 (a transformative month). There's something special about Boston. You deserve to love your work. Playing dress up never gets old. You are forever surrounded by inspiration. Halloween may not be your favorite holiday, but it is pretty darn fun when spent in New York with people you love.
November 2011. Eat meat if you want to. When you have the opportunity to go to the Foodbuzz Festival, go to the Foodbuzz Festival. Same goes for taking an unexpected chance. And don't forget to give thanks, every single day.
December 2011. You and this blog mean the world to me. You should know what SantaCon is. When it comes to cheap, healthy meals from your kitchen, simple is best. The holidays are meant to be happy. On New Year's Eve, and every day there after, it begins and ends with familyAnd, finally, "lighten the fuck up." For the record, lightening up is a whole lot easier when you wake up to views like these.


  1. ummmm danielle. you're my role model. come back to boston and teach me your ways? thanks :)

  2. @mackenzie: Are you serious?! Do you realize I have no idea what the heck I'm doing? :) With that said, I would love to come back to Boston and teach you my "let's see how this goes and hope for the best" ways. See you soon...

  3. I love your blog, Danielle! Your writing style is great and I always finish a post feeling more inspired. Thanks!

  4. @Allison Thank you, sweetheart! I'm so, so happy to hear that :)

  5. Oh, it's been quite a year! I'm so happy we got to be good friends and go on romantic dates. May they continue in 2012!

  6. Ahhh. I loved this post. You had SUCH a wonderful year, and I can't wait to see what this year has in store. Especially when you VISIT!

  7. @Katie
    : So am I, so am I. They will! See you soon :)

    @Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn: Yay, so exciting. See you soon too!


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