Monday, June 27, 2011

ladies who brunch

"There are very few things this New Yorker loves as much as Sunday brunch. You can sleep until noon and still get eggs anywhere in the city, alcohol is often included with the meal, and Sunday is the one day a week you get the single woman's sports pages: the New York Times wedding section." -Carrie
A friend recently commented that "brunch" was such a "New York" thing. I hadn't realized. Although the fact that Leslie thought it appropriate to celebrate her last weekend in Manhattan with a potluck brunch should have made it obvious to me. Fabulous times were had, as to be expected of the best meal of every week.
We enjoyed fennel salad, wheatberry salad, fruit salad and scrambled pesto eggs with eggplant and garlic scapes. Deliciousness, plus my spinach & feta quiche:
Oh, and mimosas... more than one of 'em. Champagne and orange juice is most definitely one of those matches made in heaven. It's often my morning cocktail of choice, right next to Bloody Mary's which I surprisingly only tried for the first time two weekends ago. Spice really is better every now and again.
Anyway, back to the food :) I piled my plate high with the many salads, eggs, a taste of my own creation and a sweet piece of Rebecca's berry pound cake.
Then I finished the meal happy and satisfied with Sarah's homemade ricotta over her beautifully-assembled fruit salad.
But more than the food, and the drinks, and a whole lot more than the NYT wedding section (I'm all for love and marriage {especially the equal kind} but I'd like to wait a few years before even thinking about that special day of my own), brunch is amazing because it always means quality friend time. Thank you, my dear Leslie, for hosting such a Sunday treat. I'm sure I speak for all of us (Sarah, Katie, Sofia and Rebecca) when I say it was one of our best brunches to date.


  1. that quiche was fab, and like i said, i don't do quiche. i didn't taste much egg, which is key for me ;) anywho, i must agree the food and company was great. a very relaxing afternoon, though i was so sleepy that i did have to nap. maybe plate two was a bad idea? never! :)

  2. Oh, yesterday was fabulous, and just the kind of relaxation and good feeling I needed. And that quiche was FABULOUS! I took a little sliver home with me, and devoured it standing up over the sink (like Diane Lane in "Must Love Dogs") after my workout.

  3. I didn't know brunch was a New York thing because we had brunch all the time in Portland. haha Good times! ;)

  4. Love brunch, there are a few restaurant here in NC that offer good options! Looks like a fun brunch with some great ladies!

  5. I miss these kind of dates/meals with close girlfriends, it's been too long since I've had one! This brunch looks like absolute perfection! Such lovely ladies and amazing food!

  6. I always think of brunch as a NY thing! I like brunch in theory, but if it's an afternoon brunch I am definitely going to eat breakfast beforehand. I'm a hungry hungry hippo when I wake up!

  7. sofia: I'm glad you liked it! And what is this you say about plate two? I always thought it was double the brunch fun.

    Katie: So glad you liked it! Sounds like the perfect post-workout snack :).

    Tarra: Haha, we like to coin traditions as our own. I think it's just very much a beloved past time and most restaurants take notice so it's become a "thing."

    Pure2raw Twins: Oh, I'm sure! I'd love to check 'em out with you if I'm ever in town :).

    Gillian: You're most definitely invited to the next one.

    Anna: Yeah... you see, the trick is to not wake up too early beforehand :).

  8. one of these days, i am going to come to one of your fabulous shindigs...


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