Wednesday, February 23, 2011

real, strong Syracuse

They took our letters off of the house this morning. (Moment of silence). 
Don't worry, I will explain. There are a lot of happenings on that beloved orange hill of mine that I've failed to mention. 
One being that my homecoming weekend in Syracuse was tainted by an unexpected and awkward run in with an ex. The other being that the governing national body of Alpha Chi Omega has recently taken away my sorority's charter. 
Let's ignore that first revelation and focus on the second. 
The Lambda chapter will no longer exist on Syracuse University's campus. Why? Well, lots of reasons, most for which the sisters that I know and love cannot be blamed. It's devastating, really. 
An overwhelming amount of alumni have reached out to Nationals to plead for a reconsideration. There is a certain loyalty at the core of sisterhood is there not? To support and take care of each other, even if those darkest moments. I most definitely believe so. But, instead, they just gave up. 
In a very public response letter (on Facebook no less, real sensitive) Marcia King Grady wrote, "And I'm angry and frustrated that a second chance was offered but wasn't taken--or taken seriously enough to encourage positive change." 
What she failed to mention, however, was the accusing way in which they entered our Lambda home, the hostility our honesty was met by, and the little guidance or care that they actually provided.
Now, fellow alumni and I are left with sore hearts and bitter tastes, whereas our sisters still on campus must now move forward with strength, dignity and letters. I doubt that many of the younger women realize the experience that was ruthlessly taken from them, yet somehow, their love for Lambda has kept them, us, together. 
I didn't want to "go greek," I've never been the quintessential "sorority girl," but the wonderfulness that was my collegiate experience can be due, in a large part, to a very special Lambda chapter. And it is for all of the above that I went to Syracuse this past weekend. I had so much fun with my best friends and made up for a tainted previous experience, and it's those memories that are timeless.


  1. So sorry to hear about your troubles with A-Chi O. During my time in college, I saw a sorority leave campus, and it was truly devastating for the chapter. At least you had one fabulous weekend--thinking of you!

  2. BroccoliHut: Thanks for the support, sweetheart. I really appreciate it! xo


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