Sunday, January 22, 2012

like a new yorker

I think I'd call myself a New Yorker. I mean, I was born in the state, and this is the city I know best. But I wouldn't say I'm rude or pretentious about it. I understand New York isn't necessarily "the greatest city in the world" and definitely not "the center of the universe." And yet, I also believe that other cities pale in comparison--not for better or worse, but just because New York City really is one of a kind. 
In my humble opinion, this quote describes it best. 
With all that said :) I usually love living here, if nothing else, then for one reason alone: my friends can visit often and they do. Liz came most recently. For the past two years, she's been working miles away in rural Washington so seeing her is always a special occasion. It was also especially exciting to meet her boyfriend. He'd never been here before, and I wanted to show him the city's best.
Of course, I could hardly do that it one night. We began in Union Square, sampling local beers at Little Town NYC. We then took a stroll through the East Village to taste the delights of one of my favorite seasonal and farm-to-table restaurants, Northern Spy. And finally, courtesy of Elizabeth's dependable sweet tooth, we ventured to momofuku milk bar. It was a delicious evening.
This time, I chose places based on my own positive experiences, but that's not always the case. When researching new places to dine, I often return to New York Magazine and Yelp... though I've been depending on The Purple Passport lately.
Maybe I'm biased, but there really are some amazing restaurant recommendations there (in addition to nightlife venues to suit any owl personality, spas that are most definitely worth the splurge, sights & activities to be explored no matter your NYC familiarity, and the only suggestions made just for tourists, hotels.) We put our heart and soul into the New York guide, and I'm proud to promote it.
Speaking of tourists, Joanna Goddard shared 10 ways not to look like one. My favorite tips? "Confidence is key. One thing I love about New York women is that they flaunt their quirks. Got a head full of curls? Let them fly free. Six feet tall without heels? Wear them anyway. Want to wear all electric blue? Go for it. In this city, it'll only make you cooler."New Yorkers imagine that there's an invisible line down the middle if the sidewalk, and that to keep the flow going, you keep to the RIGHT. New Yorkers also walk at a brisk pace, and if they stop or even slow down, they step out of the way." "New Yorkers fold their pizza." And now,
Funny, true, embarrassing. Hope you've had a lovely weekend wherever you are!


  1. is that the northern spy gnocchi dish?! want.

  2. Anna: YES. Liz ordered it as per my recommendation and I had more than a few bites :)


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