Monday, January 3, 2011

great big beginnings

Two thousand eleven. I've already told me about my "anything but" resolve but I haven't quite caught you up to my personal preparation for it. It's rather difficult to get ready for a year that can be comparable to rushing into unexplored waters with a super reliable boat (much more so than the Titanic) yet without any sort of map. Interesting comparison, I know, but you know what I mean. I intend for this next year to be better than the last challenging and amazing twenty-two. I've dared myself, and each one of you, to live each day more so than ever before. And if that's not pressure, I don't know what is.
Fortunately, my four days of celebration were... epic. Most of which can be attributed to K's visit. She grew up in Oklahoma, I grew up outside of New York City. She studied biology in college, I studied modern foreign language and magazine journalism. She ate Cinnamon Toast Crunch for breakfast, I ate baked apple oatmeal with AB and green tea. Her and I will forever be best friends.

Oh gosh, wine and reflection sure do make for a very sappy combination :). Now, please allow me to demonstrate why this new year rocks...
Wednesday. 11:30 am- I picked up K from the airport. 5:00 pm- We had a delightfully early dinner at Republic. 6:30 pm- We ventured to Brooklyn to meet C (the remaining piece to our trio), Dani, and others to watch the ballet. 7:00 pm- The Nutcracker began. 9 pm- K and I drank glasses of overpriced wine, alone...
Thursday. 12:15 pm- C gave us a tour of her workplace a.k.a Lincoln Center. 12:30 pm- We caught the  principal dancers practicing their Cavalier and Sugar Plum Fairy routine. It was absolutely, positively, beautiful. 
12:30 pm- We crossed the street to dine at 'wichcraft. I enjoyed the butternut squash soup and a tuna sandwich. 1:30 pm- K and I said our goodbyes to C.
1:30 pm- We went across town to meet Laura, Steph, and their boyfriends.
3:15 pm- Merrily tipsy, the six of us made our way up to the Bronx and into Yankee stadium for The Pinstripe Bowl, Syracuse University v. Kansas State.
7 pm- Our beloved Orange ends the game victoriously with a 36-34. One of the most thrilling college football games I've ever seen. Not that that means much ;).
Friday. 7:30 pm- K & I reunite with Laura, Matt, and Stephanie for pre-New Year's Eve party margerita pizza and champagne.
9:30 pm- We eat, drink, dance, and take countless pictures before parting ways. Laura, Matt, K, and I cab it down to LES and the Gallery Bar.
12:02 pm- It is officially January 1, 2011. I've been kissed. I'm surrounded by two of my best friends and numerous new ones. I couldn't be happier. 
3:30 pm- K and I wander into a nearby diner for a nap light meal. 5 am- We sleep.
We slept in until noon on Saturday. Before driving her to the airport that evening, we also squeezed in the best movie of the past year, The King's Speech. I was blown away by the cinematography, acting, characterization, storyline, and even costumes. I don't believe there could have been a better end to her glorious visit. As I've said, I had a phenomenal 72 hours, and that's even an understatement. 
I went to bed early last night as a result and spent all day today cleaning and organizing. But alas, January 2nd wasn't all about recuperation; It also happens to me my wonderful mother's birthday. My parents and I savored a bottle of the 2005 Corvina "Seral" (M. Castellani - Veneto, Italy) and my entire family feasted at The Cookery accordingly...
[butternut squash and broccoli rabe topped with provalone picante]
[quince salad with baby arugla, toasted pecans, and goat cheese]
[root vegetable soup with pancetta, escarole and turnip seed oil]
[penne, pomadoro, garlic, red onion and ricotta fresco]
[hanger steak, goose fat potatoes, escarole and vin cotto]
[grilled market fish (skate), pickled fennel, barlotti beans, broccoli rabe and lemon oil]
As I'm sure you've so intelligently assumed, I did not eat everything. Rather, I chose to photograph nearly every plate out of pure foodie pleasure. I hope you don't mind :). I must, however, apologize for forgetting about our spectacular dessert, the sticky pumpkin tortina: warm pumpkin cake, cinnamon gelato, and figs. It was probably even more incredible than the budino warm white chocolate bread pudding with white chocolate anglaise and fresh berries (borrowed and pictured above) yet equally as festive with candle.
So much has changed since my mom and I had this picture taken of us at her last birthday dinner; It's been mostly good, sometimes sad, and rarely bad (I truly did not mean to rhyme just there, ha). The past few days, on the other hand,  have proven that 2011 is not only going to be good, but great. I hope you were able to enjoy an equally as fitting commencement. I'm so very excited for us both! And with that, I must really get some shut-eye to be ready for it's third day. If you can, please, please, please wish me luck for tomorrow! Whatever the outcome it will be nothing short of revolutionary. Sweet dreams darlings.


  1. sooooooooooo fun!!! you look like you are having a blasty!!

    amazing eats too!! i want some of that broccoli rabe dish!!

    good luck tomorrow my deaaaaaaaaaar!

  2. oh my goodness me . . . that looks like a FEAST

  3. glidingcalm: Yay, thank you!!!

    Little Bookworm: Thanks so, so much.

    Morgan @ Life After Bagels: My mom's an important lady :) 'twas beyond delicious!

  4. Wow - that was DEFINITELY a great way to wrap-up 2010! You look so happy and glow-y on those pictures, Danielle :)
    I'm so happy for you.
    Welcome to 2011!

  5. Woohoo 2011!

    Your vigor for life is inspiring.

  6. It looks like "epic" is the perfect word to describe your celebration!
    Happy New Year, dear:)

  7. Gabriela.: Thank you! Same to you, my dear.

    Sagan: Woohoo is right! Thanks, love :).

    BroccoliHut: I'm so glad to hear a second opinion :) same to you!

  8. This looks like such a wonderful celebration! I would do anything to eat, drink and dance with you!

  9. what a fabulous weekend with old friends! my brothers and my best friend and her boyfriend were both at the pinstripe bowl :) they said it was SO much fun but super cold. glad you had such a great weekend girl!

  10. Gillian: And it was :) I'd love that. Let's make it happen in 2011.

    Julie: How fun for them! It was a fabulous time all around.


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