Sunday, April 3, 2011

sunday strolls in rye

In 2010, Rye was reported to be the third most expensive city to buy a home in. Why? It's the site of the boyhood home of Founding Father John Jay. It is the last place where the original postman markers (fixed by Benjamin Franklin in 1763) still stand at the 24th, 25th and 26th mile marks from New York City. It's home to a historic amusement park, Playland, where one of the oldest wooden roller coasters in the northeast can be found (the Dragon Coaster). Scenes from Fatal Attraction and Big were also filmed there. Oh, and, the town itself is just adorable with plenty of cafés, boutiques, restaurants and Andy's Pure Food.
I don't live there, of course, but I did spend a lovely Sunday afternoon exploring.


  1. Oh man, that ice cream looks heavenly.

  2. that definitely looks like a fun town!!! and shoot, if big were filmed there who wouldn't want to be there!!! hahaha!


  3. GORGEOUS. I'm now craving ice cream!!

  4. wonderful pictures! rye reminds me of rhinebeck, another lovely spot sort of nearby but on the hudson. adorable shops, restaurants and old buildings just like rye - it would make for a sunday as lovely as yours appears to have been! and yeah, that ice cream looks sick. yummm.

  5. If there is coffee ice cream in that cone then we are just meant to be best friends :) Haha! Looks like such a lovely day of exploring miss Danielle. Looks like everything has been going so well for you as of late--love to see that!

  6. This is so cliche- but it looks so picturesque:)

  7. VeggieGirl: It was! Come visit and I'll treat you to some :)

    Trying To Heal: Haha :)

    Megan D: Oh my gosh, so good. I'm so glad it was sunny enough to have to have ice cream ;).

    sofia: Thank you, dear! How funny that you say that. Rhinebeck is in the Hudson Valley. about an hour and a half more north of Rye... but I do agree, it is adorable. I like to think that most Westchester towns are as such ;). The ice cream was the best thing I did all weekend, haha.

    alovelyglass: We were meant to be best friends! I had coffee and chocolate chunk in a waffle cone. Divine.

    Jess@atasteofconfidence: Well then, I like cliche words :) it is.


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