Monday, August 22, 2011

the city of bloggerly love

 [Roomie love at Independence Hall: Shannon, Deirdre, Amelia]
[Happy hour date at Tria with college friend & roommate, Julia]
[HLS Cocktail Hour at Reading Terminal Market]
[HLS Breakfast provided by Attune Foods]
[Sad stats from Lauren's fabulous Budgeting for a Healthy Lifestyle presentation]
 [New & old blends: Shannon, Nicci, Krista, Heather]
[Adorable photos of the beautiful and kind Rising Above Negativity speakers: Brittany, Julie, Courtney, Heather]
[Lunchtime eats at Reading Terminal Market with my sorority sister, Hannah]
 [HLS Snack break with Quaker Oats & Naturally Nutty]
 [Fishtown beer tour with Julia, beginning at Kraftwork]
[A morning walk to the Rocky steps]
This was my second year at the Healthy Living Summit and my second time in Philadelphia in the past year. Wahoo! I had an absolute blast meeting so many wonderful ladies, eating so much delicious food, and, as expected, not sleeping nearly enough ('twas worth it, but I hope to catch up soon). A big thank you to Meghann and all the volunteers for planning such a spectacular weekend. I'll check back in soon with more details and more information about myself (for any new faces to "danielle abroad") once I get through this busy Monday.

P.S. Those orange velcro things in the swag bags are straps for your yoga mat :). Enjoy 'em!


  1. Love, love! I wish I could have been there. By the way, I love your new blog look. I have no idea if it's actually new since I am just returning to the blog world, but it looks great.
    Are you coming to Foodbuzz this year?!

  2. Such gorgeous photos! I loved all of the murals in Philly. We hit up Tria on Saturday night for a little bruschetta and whole lotta cheese. I don't think I had the chance to meet you this weekend, but I'm glad you had a great time, too!

  3. i heart the pictures you took and you!

  4. Ah, so happy you were able to go to HLS! I'm certainly jealous and the more I read recaps the more sad I am I didn't go...sadness. I miss you. Decide on FB Fest yet?

  5. Lara: Thank you! And yes, I'm coming! See you there?!

    Elizabeth: Thanks and awesome. I hope you enjoyed. As am I! I'm sure we'll cross paths soon :)

    Tropical Eats: Gee... I heart you too!

    Trying To Heal: Yes, I'm coming! Don't miss me too much. I'll see you so soon!


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