Monday, August 15, 2011

jersey boys

I'm generally an accepting, open minded, and easy going person. I generally only have three qualms with this world: dishonesty, littering, and stereotypes.
Whether it's assumptions about people, places, or things, stereotypes often encourage distaste and disrespect before any authentic familiarity. I'm sorry I'm not sorry for having such little patience with such tragedies.
You see, if I were to have trusted the belief that all French people are rude, I would've never have been willing to host a French exchange student in high school. Or have the desire to visit my French best friend while in college. Or have studied the language, lived abroad in Strasbourg, and fallen in love with French wines and cheeses. How unfortunate that would have been!
And that's only one example. With or without preconceived notions, I've come to believe that chances are meant to be taken... and they're a whole lot easier to take when you allow yourself the opportunity of endless possibilities
For instance, I wouldn't have known I disliked wild boar if I hadn't tasted it. Nor would I have known how quite much I adored arugula. Now I know with certainty.
We limit ourselves with negative expectations. Sure, it may be risky, but I've been known to purposefully not research places pre-travel for this very reason.
Because we deserve the eye-opening experience of impressions, surprise, enchantment. It's scary sometimes, but for me, it's always been worth it.
If you stop thinking about all of the things that could go wrong, you can start thinking of all the things that can go right. And with optimism like that, you never know when you'll discover a new passion, another amazing guy, or a phenomenal restaurant in an unexpected place. That's what living is all about.
212 Washingston St, 
Jersey City, NJ
(201) 435-5151


  1. beautiful post!!!!!!!! so true too!!

    I always give someone their fair chance, even if others have told me otherwise!

    I also agree that being optimistic is so much easier!! I am often a little cautious and weary...but sometimes I just need to let that all go and just be present with the experience for what it IS.

    Love you so!

  2. I agree so much! Stereotypes are definitely a detriment to our world, making decisions by what they "heard" as opposed to going and trying for themselves!

  3. wow wow! what a gorgeous building! love it. and your adventurous stomach. i like your style! :)

  4. i love love love this post. oh, and the food looks good too. and i will admit i judge people based on where they're from (especially the dirty jerz ;)) but looking past these silly matters is usually so worth it. job well done, my friend :P

  5. SUCH a lovely and thoughtful post. thank you!

  6. glidingcalm: Thank you, sweetheart.

    saltwatercoffee: I'm glad you agree! You're so right.

    Mackenzie: Thank ya much, darling.

    Sofia: Thanks, love!

    Anonymous: Thank you, and you're very welcome. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

  7. I know what this is about! And it makes me happy. I'll email you with a date day soon!

  8. Katie: Thanks, lovely :) see you soon!


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