Wednesday, May 4, 2011

another home

My building is a 15-minute walk from the subway. Inconvenient? Maybe. But I've decided to look at it as an opportunity to explore my new home on a daily basis.
A few months ago (gosh, even a few weeks ago), I was hesitant about moving into the city. Not because I didn't want to live on my own, nor because I was worried that I'd be unable to. I was hesitant because me moving to New York City was neither a big move nor an exciting one. Or so I thought.
I grew up a half-an-hour away in New York's suburbia, and as such, living here almost felt too safe. Here I was trying to be so adventurous and open to new things, how could I then go and settle into the most familiar city I've ever known?
But then I did. It became possible and more necessary than ever thanks to The Well Daily. And I would be absolutely lying if I were to tell you that I am not now thrilled about it. Did I really believe this wouldn't be another foreign experience?
As I walked home from the subway to my apartment yesterday, I realized how unexplored the Upper East Side is. In my case, at least. I passed places I've never been to, let alone heard of. I mean, gosh, two nights ago I strolled along the East River Promenade (and tweeted a photo as I did) for the first time in my life.
New York is a composed of neighborhoods with their own unique personalities. Even if I were to spend the rest of my life living here, there's no way I'd be able to get bored with each and every one. I've tasted many a city already, the cities of Santiago and Strasbourg have already become homes, and now that this city is my adventure, I'm beginning to discover how content and excited I am with that.
Last night I invited friends from high school, college, blog land, and work to venture to the Upper East Side for a happy hour. Wicker Park even extended the drink specials to welcome me to the neighborhood! I had an absolutely amazing time. So much so, actually, that it wasn't until 11:30 that I made my way home, arm in arm with my roommate. How could I ever not have wanted to move, live and actually experience here?

P.S. Now you've seen my tiny bedroom :) and the rest of my apartment too.


  1. What a great apartment! I love the exposed brick. So sorry I missed the Happy Hour last night (my post-run stomach was NOT happy with me...). I look forward to many more nights of celebrating in NYC :-)

  2. Lovely! Exploring a new neighborhood is the best part of moving, in my opinion. My dad grew up on the UES- 82nd street and then later Lexington and 68th. It's a nice place!

  3. I'm so excited for you, sounds like such a perfect way to start your life in a new neighborhood!

  4. I like your attitude!, ... "But I've decided to look at it as an opportunity to explore my new home on a daily basis."

  5. Megan (The Runner's Kitchen): Thank you! That's my favorite part. No worries at all, see you soon!

    Anna: Thanks! I would have to agree.

    Rachel: Thank you, darling! Come visit when you can.

    Gillian: Ah, thanks so much!

    jsbh: Ha, thank you. I'm sure it'll be harder to convince myself of that when it's snowing outside but for now it works :).

  6. Your apartment is soo cute. New York has been a place I have thought about moving too but honestly scared because it is so big. So for now I just love to visit :)

  7. i agree with megan - exposed brick is the shiznit. the apartment looks great already!

  8. Pure2raw twins: Thank you! Let me know when you come next :).

    sofia: Oh, I adore it too! Thanks so much.


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