Monday, May 30, 2011

my 23rd recipe

Begin at a wine bar, preferably sustainable, and with a best friend.
 Then, add the ballet with my sister
+ breakfast in bed
+ rooftop yoga with my roommate
+ strong coffee + a salad niçoise en plein aire
+ a fancy green juice and an "indulgent" snack
+ birthday mojitos + dancing the night away
+ a chocolate croissant and cappuccino gelato, shared with my cousin, at 4 a.m.
+ a day at the beach
+ sunbathing + games of badminton + devouring this book
+ long island detours
+ the catch of the day wrap, a cold beer, sparking water, and cole slaw
+ belated birthday flowers
+ the annual memorial day bbq + my aunt's green salad
+ birthday cupcakes, of course.
Finally, garnish with a neighborhood glass of rosé, and you have yourself... the most amazing 23rd birthday celebration/weekend a girl could ever ask for.

If only my camera weren't broken so my iPhone wouldn't have had to document it ;).


  1. um best weekend ever!? LOVE YOUUUUUU NEIGHBOR! <3

    (SS for life)

  2. LOVELY photos and weekend!!!

    I miss you!! :(

  3. P.S. - what are your breakfast-in-bed components? That drink looks delicious, as does the waffle (I'm looking for a good brand).

  4. Tropical Eats: Most definitely! Love you SS ;).

    VeggieGirl: Thanks, darling! I miss you. P.S. breakfast in bed = Van flax waffle topped with PB, grapefruit slices, pre-soaked chia with greek yogurt and cinnamon.

  5. Lovely celebration! Happy BDay friend :)

  6. Gena: Thank you, dear! Congratulations on your successful move. Good luck unpacking!

  7. Looked like the perfect birthday celebration!!

  8. Pure2raw twins: Thanks so much. It just about was :)

  9. Such a beautiful celebration! I have no doubt we will spend some amazing days together in the future, your loves and pleasures mirror my own to no end. Happy happy happy belated you beautiful woman.

  10. Gillian: Thank you! That we will. Most definitely :)

  11. well, that looks like the most lovely birthday ever! i want everything and everything and everything from your day - hope you had as much fun as it looked and happy birthday once again love!!

  12. Holly: Thanks so much, darling. Wish you could've been there.


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