Wednesday, October 26, 2011

playing cinderella

Throughout the year, I've been adding photos to a Facebook album entitled "playing pretend." Sometimes it's just hard to believe that I really spent January in Costa Rica and Panama. I feel like I'm pretending to be the kind of girl that spent her summer galavanting around New York City, and venturing to Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, too. Then, of course, I receive a text from a dear friend inviting me to attend a gala held at the performing arts center where she works.
Last night, I threw my hair into a mess somewhat reminiscent of an up-do, 
I put on my mother's shoes and a marked-down gown from the sales rack,
I pathetically attempted to take a pictures of myself as I was leaving before either of my roommates came home. And wouldn't you know the only photo that came out?
The one I took holding my camera, while standing in front of the sink, with shelves of clean dishes behind me and our small stove and tea kettle in direct view.
It was a beautiful evening, truly, truly, but being as I am definitely not a wealthy benefactor, I was home by 9:30pm rather than at the dinner that followed the performance. I warmed up some eggplant parmesan, and tossed a quick salad to have alongside it. (This photo isn't from last night, but my plate looked similar.) I decided against a glass of wine as I'd already had champagne a few hours earlier. I was in bed by midnight. Today I worked, grocery-shopped, cooked, and cleaned. 

My life certainly isn't glamourous, but when I do get lucky with enchanting opportunity such as this one, I like to think it's because I'm doing something right. That, or I just have really cool friends.


  1. Had I known that all you guys were going to be there, I would have tried to finagle an invite from my uncle and cousin! But alas I didn't have any black-tire attire at the ready. Glad you enjoyed your Cinderella night- I love those special kinds of events sprinkled amongst the normalness of every day life.

  2. Love it lady...playing dress up and being humble..two great things.

  3. You look beautiful! I swear I thought the first photo was a reposted picture of a model. Sounds like a lovely evening out.

  4. what fun!! you looked stunning! killaaaa. loved pretending to be fancy with you :P

  5. re anna: if ted had asked us for an extra ticket for you the day of the show, we all might've passed out from the stress of finding one. :)

    danielle, you look so beautiful in these photos, i can't get over it! your life might not be glamorous, but you certainly pulled off the part on tuesday. wish i could've spent more time with you ladies, but i'm so glad you enjoyed the evening and got to play pretend for a little while!

  6. what a fabulous evening! my ideal night is one where I dress up, go somewhere fancy, and am able to get a solid night of sleep. of course I say that and I'll probably manage to stay out until 6 am at some point this weekend...let's just say I'm making the most of college but really want to be a responsible grown-up too.

  7. you are so purdy!

    love the back on that dress. Random nights in the city are always the best :)

  8. truly gorgeous, my dear! and you ARE that girl, that adventurous lady that says yes to life. :)

  9. Anna: That would've been so much extra fun if you could've been there! Next time, for sure ;).

    Claire: ...and I love you.

    Shane: Thank you, sweetheart! It was.

    Sofia: Haha, thanks! I tried to look extra nice for my date.

    leslie: Aw, thank you! I'm so glad too. See you soon, my dear.

    lookthroughmyspecs: Yes! That sounds like a perfect night :) hope you get to enjoy it soon.

    tropical eats: Thanks so much, my love. That they are, that they are... ;).

    Mackenzie: Ahh, thank you! What a fantastic way of putting it. Thank you, thank you.


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