Tuesday, April 26, 2011

city strong

As the ever-wonderful Holly so eloquently commented, "i love your blog because it encompasses so many things - health, travel, happiness and of course, food." Firstly, thank you again, my dear. Secondly, I hope you all appreciate the posts that aren't quite about health, travel or food too; Especially as this one ironically falls into that "happiness" category.
A few weekends ago, I was watching Country Strong with Lara. In reality, I was watching it alone at home (unless a glass of wine counts as a companion), while she was also watching in her own home, we just happened to be tweeting at each other. Anyway :) in my opinion, the storyline was somewhat too dramatic, the script was somewhat cliché, and the acting was pretty spectacular. I'll admit that I enjoyed the soundtrack as well and downloaded it almost immediately after. Perhaps the most important takeaway, though, was the way it made me feel.. a lot. The combination of the country ballads and the drama (and the wine) had me completely in tears. The movie was definitely melancholic, but that wasn't even it. It just seemed to elicit all of the "weakness" in my being. I needed to cry. And as much as that may be a sad thought, I beg to differ.
I've been told that I was strong many times in the past year. I know that I've survived quite a few struggles, and with flying colors too. But I've come to realize that the bravest thing of all was allowing myself moments, like the one above, to be weak. Doing so has allowed me to heal. Because for as amazing as life is, it also has it's fair share of problems. It always will.
Far too often we get distracted by trying to fulfill our right to "pursue happiness" and ignore the need to just feel - to let ourselves be scared, angry, disappointed, or hurt. Our bodies aren't invincible and neither are our hearts. It's okay to be upset. And on that same token, it's also very okay to let yourself be happy. If you wake up content the next morning, smiling for no reason at all, revel in that. No matter that the world isn't perfect, you forgot to call your friend back, have laundry upon laundry in the hamper, and skipped the gym in favor of gelato. Real friends understand, laundry eventually gets done, and your body is still just as strong as it was yesterday. Let you (and your taste buds) feel whatever it is you need to feel. Give yourself a hug and embrace those brief tears and that smile. You deserve it.


  1. I couldn't agree more. All my life, I have been an emotional person. As a result, I have been called over-sensitive on more than one occasion. But just because I'm not afraid of my emotions- just because I embrace them for what they are- doesn't mean that I'm too sensitive and spineless. Like you said, it makes me strong!

  2. Amen to all of this. I am definitely a sensitive one and maybe too often become overly so...but thanks for reminding me that it is alright to go both ways with our emotions. We can't always be as positive as we aim to be to be overall happy.

  3. this is such a wise post. i think it takes a far braver person to admit weakness, to admit she needs rest or a good cry, or to ask for help than one who pretends she needs nothing at all. thank you for the reminder. :)

  4. So true! I actually believe that a refusal to revel in weakness/maintain an "always strong" image is a sign of weakness- I've seen it with a close friend...she refuses to cry, she refuses to admit she has been heartbroken/has feelings for people/etc because it's a sign of "weakness" and she is repulsed by "weakness."...I honestly just see her as more weak and pity that sort of stance.

  5. just what i needed to read after this tough week :) sometimes you can't win, but i know that those moments of win will come sure enough and just go along for the ride, staying as open as possible for any moment that comes my way. you are a gem, my dear :) xo

  6. Beautiful post- and a good cry is often necessary! Sometimes a little country twang helps :)

  7. There's nothing quite like KNOWING our bodies and letting them do their own thing.

  8. Anna: I'm glad you agree! I'm the same way, but I think I try to suppress it.

    claire: Exactly.

    leslie: You're very welcome, dear. Thank you.

    saltwatercoffee: That is sad. Hopefully she gains the strength to be weak sometime soon.

    Mackenzie: Oh, good! You're so right. Thank you, darling, so are you :).

    Gillian: Thanks so much, love.

    Sagan: Amen to that!


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