Sunday, January 31, 2010

no more flirting

So many recruitment songs going through my head right now: A-L-P-H-A-C-H-I-Omega... A-Chi-O is the only way to go... Recruitment, or rush, is the period in which members of my sorority (and others) talk to potential new members in an attempt to form that year's new pledge class. Also, "formal recruitment consists of four rounds of events that allow potential members the opportunity to learn about each individual chapter at SU, as well as what it means to join a Panhellenic sorority." Yes, you read that right, a whole lotta girl flirting (120 times in my case.) Positively exhausting! And yet fun, exciting, rewarding and heart-warming too. 
In an attempt to detox from the conversational however, I'd like to give you a tour of the most wonderful place on earth, Stew Leonard's. Unlike Whole Foods or Wild Oats, Stew's is not entirely organic and unlike Wegman's or Super Stop & Shop, Stew's does not have a café, pharmacy, or beauty department. But please trust me when I say it's better than the best of 'em.
There are always samples galore, for example! I took the boy there a few weeks ago to expose him to it all, and this fact alone would definitely have been enough to win him over, but that's not all.
They also have "live" characters like these one performing. Going to Stew's when I was little was always a treat for these very reasons; I even vaguely remember taking a trip here in Girl Scouts.
And then of course there's the always fresh, always well-presented, usually reasonably priced, and more often then not seasonal produce.
Love asparagus.
As for non-plant foods, I'd have to say these incredible donuts were a personal favorite. I helped myself to not one but two little bite-sized samples.
The boy, on the other hand, was more impressed with their store-brand breakfast food collection :).
Once we hit the cheese section, I stopped eating to save my appetite for dinner. Read: Once we hit the cheese section, the rest of the samples were laden with meats (much to the boys delight) so I waited until we were able to purchase food-to-go, that I relieve my growling tummy.
Unfortunately, in the end, the boy was viciously attacked by Larry the Lobster. I tragically ate alone.
I really may have gotten more hilarious in these past few days, what do you think? Haha, oh gosh, I'm sorry about that one. Like I said, it's been a long weekend.
What did end up happening after we checked out were two fro-yo purchases. If you spend over $50 you get a free cup, but before you doing so, make sure to check out their extensive wine collection in the attached store, I'm just sayin'.
Originally the boy had proposed that we buy ingredients to make dinner at his apartment. I'm telling you this because he thinks he's the cutest :) although I would agree. However, once he saw how many distinctly delicious take-out foods his starving girlfriend he could eat, plans changed.

And now I'm headed in to bed to dream about boys, only boys, (probably one particular boy), and possibly the fantastic rainbow roll I ate for dinner those many days ago. Good night everyone!

Friday, January 29, 2010

a medley of bffs

Hello :) I think I'm loving this whole blogging thing all over again. I was talking to my roommate about best friends last night. Do you realize how much that definition has evolved? In elementary school, best friend was an inclusive word and heaven forbid the person who held that title changed. Now, it has become all too common of a label. Oh ridiculosity. 
This morning, as planned, I met Miss Laura for brunch at Funk n' Waffles. Friday, not Sunday, brunches have always been a regular thing for me; I've never had class on Fridays, I love the sound of going out on a Thursday night, and I believe that there is nothing better than catching up with best of friends over delicious food. This is not my photo, as I had their vegan buckwheat waffle with banana, but I wanted you to literally get a feel for the place. It's a musical venue with a chill vibe and garage sale finds... basically wonderful.
About a month ago, I dined with a best friend in the blogosphere and two other bloggies, Ada and  Jamie. It was spectacular, really. I've come to befriend most bloggers I've met, some of us are closer than others, and to be perfectly honest, there are a few of us that don't even quite click. 
Although I am more than happy to be nice to everyone, I've accepted it all as fact; we're all just real people with unique personalities and interests outside of healthy food, it's bound to be a hit or miss to a certain degree. Yet , eating at Blossom (always a pleasure) with these three was a one of the best blogger meet-up meals to date. Leslie and I shared the raw sweet potato rolls as our appetizer, followed by individual salads. I had the arugula salad, mainly because I was craving avocado, and wine, for no particular reason... at no surprise here I'm sure ;).
It makes me happy sad when I think of how many people I truly consider my best friends. One is Liz, my European traveling companion whom I think about as often as nostalgic memories of studying abroad come up (all the time). I don't know if she realizes how much I appreciated her thoughtful New Years present to me, an original headband by Mad Madam Mimi. 
I've never been a headband girl, I don't own any collared shirts, and I would not consider myself preppy. Still, I wore my new hair accessory with a new outfit (which I so awkwardly display in this picture) on my last day at Fitness (that would explain the sad face). And just like my best friendships with Laura, Leslie, Liz and others (who's names do not necessarily begin with an "L"-case in point, the visiting Courtney) now I can't imagine my life without it.

P.S. I officially got the Medley Magazine Web Editor gig :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

je l'adore

Hola, chickadees! Thank you for the millionth time for your love, support, and encouragement :). This week has been a crazy one between being a college student, sorority sister, and a 21-year-old, although not necessarily in that order. Allow me to explain...
This morning, like all others, I began with banana oatmeal and almond butter alongside green tea. I don't have any morning classes this semester (MW begins at 12.45 and TTh at 11) but I do like waking up early. I'm just so much more productive in the AM, whether it means finishing up homework for my classes that day or working out. I mentioned that yoga classes don't begin until the week after next, right? The suspense is killing me.
Going out doesn't seem to be hindering my early-rising ways though. I find myself frequenting happy hours and bar nights on all nights this semester :) although I can't say I've done much of it this past one since my sorority is preparing for rush this coming weekend. This particular photo was taken last Saturday.
Lunch always varies, but today I had one of my absolute favorites: pita pizzas. With pesto, tomatoes, and artichoke hearts, they're always delicious and eaten alongside salad. Not gonna lie, it's so much easier to eat salads every day when somebody prepares them for you.
Monday night, promptly after my first Beer & Wine Appreciation class (champagne-tasting next week!) I found myself in the dome for the Georgetown game. I am not a huge sports fan but when you go to such a school spirit-crazed school (love it) and your basketball team is awesome (duh) the games are bound to be fun to watch.

The only downfall was the fact that I hadn't eaten in seven hours aside from a measly little apple snack. Rather than purchase over-priced nachos or a hot dog (ugh), I had a beer to hold me over. Healthier, right? Not sure, but it definitely hit the spot and what a great game it was, 73-56!
I still kind of wish I would have received my Glo Bakery package sooner though! As you may remember, I ordered a few samples from Miss Angela last semester and fell in love with the Empower Go Bars; they're delicious, energizing and oh so satisfying. Today I received my second (quite obscenely large) order of the bars plus a lovely sample of her newest one, Adore, as a free gift. I'm sure I'll fall head over heels with this one as well, I'll keep you posted.
And that is that :). Not sure where the night will take me today but tomorrow is certainly a busy one with a make-up class (10-12), brunch with Laura, an audition (!), hanging out with C who will be visiting for the weekend, and more prep, prep, prep for rush. It snowed here today and now it finally looks like Syracuse in the winter. I will actually miss this.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

keepin' it real

A series of unfortunate events, similar to what happened to my blog history, can often lead to a newfound appreciation for basically everything  What can I say? It's Tuesday and I'm feeling reflective... this is me we're talking about :) you can't tell me you're surprised. 
Doing things for the very last time can have a similar effect.
I left Fitness magazine, my internship there, for good. I said goodbye to the wonderful men and women that  have given me opportunity upon opportunity to gain real-life experience in the magazine world and have encouraged me along the way.
I said goodbye to the boy at school and the family at home as I went back to my temporary home at school. I probably won't see them until March. And yet, it is when I really head home in May that will be the biggest transition as I'll be a college graduate. On the bright side, at that point I'll also officially, physically, be close to him. After such a crazy long-distance relationship, we certainly deserve it :).
I've been at school for my final semester ever since. I am loving the classes you've heard about and making the most of the last bout of a classroom-learning experience I'll most likely ever have. 
I'm spending time with the people that matter most while also enjoying the extracurricular clubs, organizations and activities that I enjoy. Currently, I find myself in the application process to become a web editor for Medley, I made a vow to attend each and every "Mix it Up" forum (an international conversation group), and I literally cannot wait to get back to my yoga studio for classes. Only two more weeks to wait for the latter! 

Oh yes, and the sorority and rush. How could I forget? Gotta show love for my Alpha Chis :).
Hold on a sec, back up again, we're not done yet with the truth card. As she gave me the most inspiring card, tea, and two Crumbs cupcakes, my former-boss, the nutrition editor, asked me what I wanted to do next. She has not been the first one. It's a horribly pressing question that I can't seem to get away from, and yet am constantly trying to answer. I thought about it a moment...
I would love to work for a magazine that has anything to do with health, travel, and/or culture. If it were to be an international publication, even better, because then I'd ideally be able to make use of my language skills that make me ever so slightly trilingual. 
Of course, with the less than promising state of the publishing industry, I'd be willing to look elsewhere. If something more corporate were fitting, perhaps an editing job at the UN? Or another world organization I admire and believe in?
But, I'll be straight with you. If it comes down to it, if I am still unemployed after six months, then I've decided that I will au pair or teach english in another country for a while, preferably one that is French- or Spanish-speaking so I can finally perfect my own. 
The last option would not come without any consequence though. Yes, uncertainty is terrifying, there's no its and or buts about it.
And finally, I am so genuinely  happy, that no matter how much time I have to stay away from the blog world, I am still very much apart of it. I have made a handful of true-to life-friends of bloggers and readers alike (you know who you are) that I adore in each and every way. 
As for the many others of whom I do not personally know, I am still always thankful to have readers that make blogging what it is, so enjoyable and fulfilling. It's because of each and every one of you that I have such a blast sharing my day-to-day life, no matter where I'm living.
This blog is certainly a personal one, but I have avoided such topics such as my own issues with disordered eating. Why? Because I was afraid of what others might think and to admit the problem to myself. Because I was just too embarrassed to be completely honest. I want you to know that as I put the pieces back together, I promise to be more so. Get really for all the nitty-gritty details ;).
I miss you and I honestly will be back to blogging by Friday (photos = last meals from home).

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010

fingers crossed

Hello my dears. It saddens me to say that I won't be posting for a while. If you haven't noticed already I've lost about 400 of blog posts of photographs, of trips, of international eats, of passing thoughts, and of small yet wonderful memories that I may not be able to get back. Blogger is not letting me re-import anything, nor is wordpress, and although I do have the template file on my desktop, I cannot seem to get anything to read it. If anyone has any advice or tips to offer it would be greatly appreciated, otherwise, please think of me :(.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

new yorkers

Good morning afternoon everyone! Boy am I seepy (the way I pronounced "sleepy" as a four-year old whose favorite movie was Sleeping Beauty)! I had an impromptu night on the town after my relaxing day at home and couldn't fall asleep until 5 a.m.
Great times with good friends!  As for today, I have plans with the boy and a possible movie later so I can't really blog, but, I do want to invite all blogging to New Yorkers to a Pure Food and Wine dinner. I cannot wait. Check out Leslie's post for more info!
"I LOVE NEW YORK” is the oldest one in the book, conventional wisdom in all caps. And yet, it still somehow retains its potency, and why is that? Because only a fool would think otherwise. We are a city that rains prosperity down on the whole country, exporting everything from war heroes to canny socialites to great filmmakers rediscovering their top form. We offer hot dates, hot waiters, hot bands, and hot neighbors. We are the base of more political mojo than any state in the nation and of an angry guy who is single-handedly holding up one of the biggest real-estate projects in the city’s history. Plus we hold fast to the faith that our drinking water tastes better than everyone else’s, even though that is almost certainly not true. But if all that is just a little too hard-core for you, wake up early tomorrow morning and walk the streets at dawn. At that hour, the city belongs neither to the corporate machers who run the town nor even to the hardworking millions who sustain it. It belongs simply to you. -NY Mag

Friday, January 8, 2010

mostly plants (with minor consequences)

Hello, blogland! I have done just about... nothing today, except for some internet work which includes a few adjustments to the blog, my email, etc. I'm so glad to have some "me" time without any responsibilities, or pressures, or important things to do! How are you doing on this glorious Friday? Festive plans for the night? Or is that just me? ;)
Yesterday morn I drove the boy back to his apartment, bright and ridiculously early. Yes folks, I was on the road by 7 am, and let's just say neither of us where in the best of our mid-day moods ;). He looked over a few readings for his first class while I got ready. And I packed my tea, steel-cut oats, almond milk, and nut butter to also have some breakfast.
Then I took the bus into Manhattan. The last time I was on a bus in the city was when I was 8 and with my grandmother. She'd let her license expire so whenever we wanted to go to shopping, or dining, or visiting, in New York, NY we took public transportation via wheels. But let me tell you, they were never like this one, the line that stops by the boy's Bronx apartment is of the coach variety. Comfortable and classy with pretty views, oh yeah :).
Lunch was nothing too special, just a mixed salad from home topped with a Garden Herb Sunshining veggie burger. But it did the trick. In addition to a naked carrot late afternoon, I was perfectly satisfied until about six, at which point I met my American friend from Strasbourg. Remember Gloria, my veg & bistro et chocolat partner in crime?
It was both of our's first time at Blossom and we were anything but disappointed. I ordered the Vegetable Mezze Plate, "Our Chef’s preparation of fresh vegetables: roasted fennel, brussels sprouts, sweet potato puree,sautéed escarole, and tri-color cauliflower, accompanied by spiced quinoa." Yeah, I know, holy friggin' yum! And she had the fabulous Blossom Risotto. After the day before's 'later than usual' night, I was seepy, so I also had a pot of tea. 
That way, I would have enough energy to catch up and chat and have an absolutely divine dessert: Chocolate Ganache with Vegan Ice Cream and a Peanut Butter Drizzle. I was so pleased with the entire meal, service, atmosphere, and of course, company. And then I got home and the ache set in :O oh my darlings, and it still hurts. Help?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

under pressure

As a healthy-living blogger, I am supposed to have a healthful relationship with food. I should be an example of a balanced eater and consistent exerciser, and it is assumed that I will be compatible and best of friends with every other blogger in the community.
As an intern, I should always have a smile on. It’s expected that I will be excited about each and every task put before me and that I will do my absolute best to fulfill them. And, of course, I must be ridiculously flexible and willing to please at any moment.
As a woman I feel pressured to be and do everything: fun, mature, good-natured, stylish, talented, attractive, sincere, easy-going, patient, intelligent, understanding, capable, friendly, ever-so-slightly opinionated, affectionate, strong, creative, sexy, confident but not too much, optimistic, honest, intriguing, thoughtful, playful, and thin.
As a 4th-year student, I should, for lack of a better phrase, have “all of my shit together.” I assumingly have a career plan and am ready to embark on it. I am expected to continue doing well in school while also “partying it up while I still can.” I am supposed to constantly be school-spirited, involved, and love everything that is college until graduation, then I'll just miss it.
As a “minority”-American, I feel as though it’s my responsibility to set a good example for the stereotype, to appreciate differences in every person I meet, and to expose myself, and others, to all of the beautiful diversity that the world has to offer.
But as a friend, and a well-established one at that, there’s pressure no more. I am allowed to be me. I am appreciated for the perfectionist yet imperfect person that I am, and all flaws are forgiven in exchange for my strengths. Being with friends is always the perfect antidote for a stressful life, as is a fantastic time with wine at Terroir. Hasta manana, my loves!