Tuesday, September 27, 2011

moving on

On February 7th, I joined The Well Daily team. I was excited, hopeful, and so ready to develop my skills further in this new, like-minded company. Throughout the past eight months, I have learned the true meaning of multitasking, versatility, and, yes, work-related stress. I've experienced those challenges unique to start-ups and the kinds of successes that are synonymous in the publishing world. Coworkers evolved into friends.
As of yesterday, I'm once again unemployed. There are just times when... things must change. And I'm okay with that. This is the real world, and I know I have what it takes to find my own happiness and fulfillment in it. For now, I will focus on sleep, wine, yoga, friends, and the many more bright opportunities that await me.


  1. Hi Danielle! I am really sorry to hear that your time at the Well Daily ended b/c it sounded very much in sync w/ your interests. However, you are extremely talented and I think something better will come in time and hopefully very soon!

  2. You're going to go far. Keep your head up and know that your next opportunity is going to be even better. You are extremely talented and the next company that hires you will be extremely lucky to have you.

  3. Change is always difficult, but you have a strong head on your shoulders and friends and family that will support you in whatever adventure you decide to pursue next.

    Can I join in on this red wine drinking??

  4. new and better things will come your way!!!

    wish we could join you for some red wine and yoga :)


  5. Love you lady! I know great things are in your future!

  6. oh man! :( my first job post-college ended up not working out for me, but looking back i am SO glad i went through the experience of working there (and... not) because i learned so so much. it sounds like you've gained the same. you will certainly find something! in the meantime, i'm around to yoga and booze it up very soon!

  7. Wow! My first job after college also didn't work out for me, and like Sofia (and you will be), it was such a good experience for me to have had. Enjoy this bit of time until your next job... and there will always be other jobs, even in this climate. Good luck, my friend. And the best advice I have? Get out of the house! I'm also around to play :-)

  8. Change to me, is always something fun. I'm sure you have something else great coming up for you and that you'll be happy with another job at some point! Unless you're going traveling for a bit to some place....cold? LOL!

  9. Better things are ahead..like more time to travel!!

  10. I'm sorry to hear things didn't work out, but I'm sure something even better is right around the corner for you!

  11. Shane: Thanks, dear :).

    Jim: Jim! You're great. Thank you, thank you.

    Megan (The Runner's Kitchen): You're so right. And, YES.

    Pure2raw twins: I appreciate that. I wish too!

    Claire: Thank you, darling. Love you!

    sofia: True story :) thanks for the support!

    Katie: The encouragement and advice is very appreciated. We shall play soon :).

    Melissa @Trying to heal: It definitely could be! And maybe I should do that... ;)

    Ginny: Yes! Exactly.

    Amelia (AC/DC: Highways to Health): Thank you, sweetheart.

  12. oh dear, i am so so sorry. they don't deserve your greatness i am sure. i'm excited to see what great things you will have come your way in the immediate future, lovely. xo sending you lots of good vibes from beantown


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