Tuesday, October 11, 2011

better with beantown

Between the train, subway, and bus, I commuted 9 hours on Friday, for this:
I haven't been sharing much lately, but I've been going through a challenging time. It's been made clear to me that the phrase "when it rains, it pours" is not an exaggeration. I've been trying my very best to remain optimistic, to tell myself that "everything happens for a reason," to embrace the changes with an open mind and heart, and yet, all that "stuff" still gets to me. So, I ran away from it all... and into the open arms of friends that live a mere hop, skip, and jump away from New York (of course, that's on days when there isn't rush hour plus weekend traffic).
[photo courtesy of Tim Sackton]
I arrived to Davis Square at nearly 9pm and was soon greeted by smiling faces and pizza. My friends and I ate, drank, and spent time being merry in their new neighborhood. The following morning, I awoke to a glass of water, fresh brewed coffee, and donuts from around the corner.
They look delicious, don't they? I haven't had a donut in so long. Or rather, hadn't. We leisurely got ourselves ready for the outside world and headed over to one of the few places in Boston I'd had yet to wander in recent years, the harbor.
Katie and I paused momentarily to have a late lunch and refreshing beer at The Whiskey Priest. We sat in the shade while thoroughly enjoying the warmth. I couldn't have gotten luckier with weather this past weekend. Perfect for touristy photos, long walks, and dining al fresco.
We then strolled around more (on and off of The Freedom Trail) before going back to her apartment to get ready for dinner in Harvard Square. 
Our party of twelve waited for an hour and sat for two with more than twelve amazing margaritas. Considering my late lunch, I only had a salmon salad, but couldn't keep my hands away from the chips and salsa. Our experience at the Border Café was thoroughly delightful and not just for the food and atmosphere; these college friends I'd surrounded myself with are just great. 
So great, of course, that the night didn't end at a responsible 10pm. We stayed out laughing, dancing, and having lots of very intentional fun. 
Although Katie, Kate and I obviously slept in the next morning, we had caffeinated, hydrated, and walked off any semblance of a hangover by noon. We had a fabulous destination too, the SoWa Open Market. Between the artists, craft vendors, farmers, and food trucks, our wonderful Sunday afternoon was all but consumed by Boston's "original art and indie design market." 
We also stopped into one of the most incredible vintage stores in New England, or so I think: Bobby from Boston. The boutique had such beautiful vintage clothing for men and vintage menswear for women, and is a must-visit if any of the above is even just somewhat your kind of thing.
To continue our active afternoon, we meandered over to the Boston Common. And upon arrival, found a nice spot on a hill to lie back and people watch. Our relaxation only lasted an hour though. Before long, we were on our way farther into South Boston to meet other friends for the Pats game. For the record, I am so not a Patriots fan, but I do adore summer-style cookouts in the fall.
And all that brings us to this morning. My weekend host, Katie, had to work, so I had a leisurely solo breakfast of eggs, toast, and a borrowed book from her roommate's room. Afterwards, I packed up my things, hopped on the "T" and made one last visit to Harvard Square for one very important reason:
The phenomenal human being that is Mackenzie. She introduced me to her favorite tea shop and her favorite place to enjoy it and despite it being the first time we'd met, I'd been excited for our date all weekend. She is such a talented writer and is as cool as a person as she seems. Time flew by as we shared secrets and stories. I actually nearly missed my bus back to New York, though I didn't.
To be perfectly honest, again, this weekend was everything I'd hoped it be and more. I felt more carefree than I have in a long time, and even with all the fun, was still completely relaxed. Thank you, Boston, and the absolute best of friends that just happen to reside there, for reviving me. 


  1. I eat and sleep away all my problems. <3

  2. It was this time last year that I visited Boston for the first time, and it truly is a special place. I'm headed out on a year or so long backpacking trip in February, and I already know I will miss my St. Louis more than anything. Home is always where the heart is!

  3. Sana: Eating is one thing but if I'm anxious I actually lose sleep. I'd much rather have your combo method :).

    Scott: It's definitely a special place. I've been there a dozen times in my lifetime but have always had a unique experience. Best of luck on your backpacking trip! Sounds incredible. I've found that no matter where you go, the comforts of home are always waiting.

  4. I am sorry you've been going through a rough time, but I am glad the weekend helped. Gorgeous pictures!

  5. this post made my heart so happy :) i'm completely flattered to be considered a "phenomenal human being" and i could say the same of you! it was so lovely to gossip over tea in the yard with you and i know it won't be the last time we gab over tea :) xo lots of love from beantown!

  6. glad you were able to get away and have a great weekend. boston is a great city!


  7. Jess@atasteofconfidence: Thank you, dear!

    Mackenzie: Yay! I can't wait for our next date.

    Pure2raw twins: Thanks, love. That it is.


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