Thursday, January 26, 2012

pinterested, are we?

For Christmas this past year, I received something I'd been hoping for for quite a while: an invitation to Pinterest. Since then, I've become nothing short of obsessed. It's just so... beautiful (and you know how much I enjoy indulging myself with such sights.) I hesitated to join Twitter, I'm still resisting FourSquare, but I love using my virtual pinboard to organize and share gorgeous inspiration when it comes to things I'm most passionate about. It's no wonder, I've always appreciated scrapbooks and collages so much more than most.
Because I'm not always traveling, it's nice to have not just a list, but a visual reminder of the places I'd like to visit in the future. Seeing them in their unique splendor satisfies me now, and excites me for the amazing experiences to come.
Being as I'm hardly a chef, having a place to compile the wonderful recipes I come across daily is essential. Next up: banana bread pancakeschickpea & feta saladbaked eggs with leekslentil meatballs, and chocolate mousse.
Since I never did become that interior designer, it's such a treat to collect snapshots of rooms and decór I'd love to surround myself with someday. This dream home of mine will be complete with a home office like thisbookshelves galore, a huge, welcoming kitchen, and a stylish, comfy bed.
I am an artist at heart. I could live in an art museum and I really can't wait for the day when I will be able to purchase paintings of my own. Until that time, I'm thoroughly enjoying collecting these lovely prints in unexpected combinations.
With my creative passions in mind, it should be no surprise that fashion appeals to me, too. Just because I don't go shopping often, doesn't mean I don't look for fresh outfit and accessory ideas. And yes, it is also serves as a closest wish list.
Though I've never been the kind of girl that envisions her "future wedding," I am definitely a romantic, and I so admire these charming and creative party ideas.
And finally, one can never have enough well spoken wisdom:


  1. Love love love your pintrest page!!!

  2. True life, I am a Pinterest addict. I LOVE IT

  3. be wary dear, you are on the brink of a dangerous addiction. i am so so so far gone. and loving it. :)

  4. I'm totally addicted too. Can't. stop. ahhh...


  5. kate365til30: Ah, thank you! Love yours, too.

    Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn: Ha. Ditto.

    Mackenzie: ...but, but, it just feels so right! ;)

    Melissa @TryingtoHeal: Haha, you and me both!


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