Tuesday, November 15, 2011

a date with sausalito

Last year, a stranger invited me to be his date to a wedding in Paris. I was caught off guard, I didn't know how to respond, I became overwhelmed with all the reasons why I shouldn't take him up on the offer. I missed the opportunity. 
This year, a stranger invited me to spend a late afternoon with him in Sausalito. I just happened to be at the Ferry Building picking up a vegan Pumpkin Pie Scary Spice donut from Pepples Donuts. The ferry to Sausalito was leaving in only 20 minutes, from a dock about 20 yards away. Most of my friends had already left San Francisco and I had 6+ hours before my own plane took off.
This time around, I accepted the spontaneity. It went a little something like this...
...a drink beneath the Golden Gate Bridge, a drive into the mountains to watch the sun set over the Pacific Ocean, a Vietnamese pho dinner, and a ride back to San Francisco. I'm convinced: It's almost always worth taking an unexpected chance.


  1. sausalito looks BREATHTAKING! i love the random adventures you go on :)

  2. Omg your pics are awesome! I didn't really get a chance to see the golden gate bridge up close and I really wanted to. Majorly jealous of you!

  3. Ooh so happy you took up his offer! My boyfriend spent an afternoon there once...amazing place!

  4. sofia: Oh my gosh, it was. Thanks for your support, friend :).

    Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean: Thank you!

    Shannon: Thanks! It's quite pretty.

    Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn: O:)

    Claire: Me too :) and it is!

  5. Wow, can I steal some of your spontaneity, please?! If a cute boy happened to ask me out on a date completely at random, I'd have a hard time taking him seriously!

    Here's proof that these sweet boys do exist, and I'm so glad you happened to have the chance to experience it! Will there be a date two if you ever happen to visit SF again?! Now you have to. :) We may BOTH just have to! I guess San Francisco is where it's at! Here's to visiting SF (and NYC obviously) sometime in 2012!

  6. oh we are so so so alike! :) so glad you had a lovely bit of spontaneity! and i'm sure your host enjoyed themselves as well :)

  7. alovelyglass: Ah, please do! It's totally false confidence for the sake of adventure :). Haha, not sure if we'll keep in touch but it's a memory worth remembering. Looking forward to seeing you soon in some city.

    Mackenzie: That we are! Thanks so much, I sure hope so.


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