Thursday, January 19, 2012

getting to know you

Happy Thursday, dears! Today's post is going to be a little different. In the summer of 2008, I revealed a couple of my little known quirks (here and here), but a little less than four years later, and I still don't think you realize how weird unique I am. Fortunately for us both, the 6 Weeks of Bliss Challenge prompted me to share "5 personal tidbits that may surprise my newest fans" and  Cait recently tagged me to share 7 Random Facts about myself. Let's get started. This is going to be fun...
1. I don't have a nickname. It's sad, really, because I wish I did. Nobody calls me "Lala" outside my home. In middle school, my friend Marisa called me "Dani," my friend Nicole called me "Donnie," and my friend Codie called me "Danielley." None of them caught on. In high school, my field hockey coach called me "Alvarez," but being as that is my last name, it doesn't really count. And, although ma souer took to calling me "Dela" (a combination of my initials--including my confirmation name, Lucia), nobody else (except for K, occasionally) does.
2. I am the queen of last minute packing, and with good reason; I find it sad to pack up a bag or suitcase too far in advance. Truth is, as much as I live to travel, I love home. I feel bad for my apartment or my parent's house if I pack up too soon... as if it were somehow disrespectful to be overly eager to stay elsewhere for a while. Totally bizarre, I know.
3. I firmly believe that real foodies appreciate olives. While in Europe, Elizabeth and I made it a point to order olives on each and every thing we ate dining out. Neither of us liked olives, but we were determined to change that by the end of the four months. Having olives with dishes and foods we otherwise really wanted made us acquire a taste for them, and today, I can proudly say I appreciate olives. I don't think there's ever been a more appropriate time to: boo-yah!
4. I have to wash my hands upon arriving at a restaurant. It's most likely a good thing, and definitely a sanitary habit, but I think it's rooted in OCD-ness. I literally always have to wash my hands upon arriving at a restaurant. And when you're, say, on a date with a boy, (or at least someone you don't know very well or haven't seen in a while,) it's probably rude to run to the restroom right away. Wouldn't you agree?
5. I've said this once before, but I strongly dislike most of the process of air traveling. You'd think that having done it so often, I'd feel otherwise. But I don't. It's so annoying to have to arrive early, stand on a long line to go through security, and then sit in an uncomfortable chair (and most likely pay for wi-fi) as you wait the hour or so until your plane begins boarding. Not to mention that I honestly always get a little nervous at the beginning of each flight.
6. I really, really want to go sailing. I made it my goal this summer to meet someone who could take me out on a sailboat. Well, that goal failed. Then, in San Francisco, I did meet someone who could take me out on his sailboat, and offered to do so. Trouble was, I didn't exactly feel comfortable sailing away from the unfamiliar west coast with a stranger. Plus, it looked like it was going to rain.
7. I haven't figured anything out. I mean that. I'm aware that I oftentimes seem "wise," that I'm constantly sharing romantic revelations, and career advice, and ways to live a little better, but that's only because I'm a thoughtful person (almost embarrassingly so) and this is my preferred space to share those deep thoughts of mine. Don't you ever think that someone knows exactly what they're doing. Nobody does, myself included. We all doubt ourselves sometimes! I believe we're all just trying our best, and hopefully learning along the way.
Fin. Now I'm supposed to continue this chain and tag seven more bloggers... but I'm not going to do that. Instead, I'm going to tell you that the delicious meal you see above was enjoyed at Lure Fishbar as per the occasion of a visit from my mom and her friend, the what-a-great-deal allure of Restaurant Week, and the esteemed recommendation of The Purple Passport. I'm also going to ask that you share one of your little known quirks, just so I don't feel like the only odd one. Please and thank you :).


  1. Love this. Regarding #5- I'm the opposite. I actually love the process of traveling, in all its discomfort. I think it's the liminality that appeals to me- you really are in a suspended state. I do a lot of my deepest thinking while in transit.

    Come back to Long Pond next summer and I'll take you sailing :)

  2. This is a great idea. I'm pretty uppity about manners. I grew up in the Bahamas and went to strict British school that made us say "pardon" instead of "what?" and things like that. I actually knew someone who told me that my manners were annoying. Who knew?

  3. oh lord, you and i both sister. on nearly all of these things i sat here nodding my head. especially packing early and air travel! sometimes i wish someone would knock me out before a flight because i am more spazzy than a squirrel on speed. i should probably fix that. :) love this list, lady. all of your quirks are lovely in every way.

  4. Ah yay! Really enjoyed reading this post. The one about restaurant hand-washing made me remember how when I got to Josie's to meet you, I immediately went to the bathroom and washed my hands. You must've been thinking "Ah, I totally understand" haha.

    I too hate air travel though I travel by plane at least twice a year. I never thought that was a lot until I met lots of people who had never been on a plane, or who hadn't been on one since "that trip to Disney years ago". My dad rides an air plane minimum of once a week, and he never gets used to the delays. Once he sat on an airplane on the runway for two hours, yuck!

    When I was younger I always wished I had a nickname. I had this weird desire to be called by my first name and last initial in school, like they did when there was more than one of a kid in class with a same name. Alas, there was never another Caitlin in any of my classes.

    Finally, I am with you on the olives. I never liked them until I became a foodie and now I'm obsessed with them. And eating them with wine.

  5. Anna: You're... crazy :). Also, please take me sailing!

    Grace: People are silly. Kudos to you for being so well-mannered! That's a great quirk to have.

    Mackenzie: Well, thank you, darling. It's good to know I'm not the only one! Haha. Of course I understood! We have so many quirks in common :).


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