Friday, January 27, 2012

act your age

Today, I... wrote a freelance article, filed my taxes, cleaned the bathroom, fact-checked, a lot, and made myself dinner. I also took a break to play Just Dance 3
In the past month, I've already celebrated three birthdays, and there are many more to go. Many of my friends are turning 24. And despite the fact that 24 is the same age I will be in just five short months, it sounds old. I thought I'd have more things figured out at 24, that I'd actually know what I was doing, and that I'd be a lot more secure in my "adult" life. I highly doubt I will be. But I've realized that I was wrong to assume such things anyway. I was talking to my friend Steph (pictured above) about it. Sure, I'm still somewhat naive and I have a blast playing games targeting 15-year-olds, but I am aware of what direction I am and want to be headed in, professionally and personally. I'm more secure in my beliefs than I ever have been and I take full responsibility for taking care of myself. No matter how young or old I am, I'd say we all strive to accomplish the above at any age.
Tomorrow I might be celebrating another friend's birthday with plenty of cocktails and dancing. Yet I know that I'll also be thoroughly enjoying her (hopefully chocolate-based) birthday dessert beforehand just as much, like I always have. Happy weekend, darlings. Oh! And happy national chocolate cake day, too.


  1. jealous you are done with your taxes. i hope to tackle mine soon!

    and love getting together with my girls and acting silly! we never act our age, lol

    have a great weekend

  2. Pure2raw twins: Good luck! Haha, so true :) what is acting your age anyhow? Wishing you the same great weekend.

  3. I am turning 24 in a few months too! I keep asking myself: "what have I even done?" I feel like I should have done more stuff by now. haha. And acting my age? I have no idea! Just Dance 3 is my favorite! What is your favorite dance to play?

  4. @Unknown

    By unknown, they mean me, Shenee! :)

  5. Shenee: I love when you comment :) I like the Land of 100 Dances the most, I think. Must have a thing for alligators... ;)

  6. My birthday is in three days, I am years older than 24 (more than I care to say) but I will definitely be making time for some Just Dance this weekend with some cocktails to celebrate! I figure the cocktails help make it a bit more age appropriate :-)

  7. @Sara Louise: Haha, sounds like the perfect celebration. Hope you have a very happy birthday! And yes, I do feel like cocktails are sophisticated. Although, sometimes I have more than a few too many and return to my carefree 21-y/o self. Oh well ;) enjoy!


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