Wednesday, July 15, 2009

a couple of brews

So where was I?
Ah yes. I spent my day in Rhinebeck, NY, the birthplace of Emma Roberts and Rufus Wainwright and a few miles from the Vanderbilt mansion and the home of Franklin D. Roosevelt.
As for me, I came to this quaint little town for their spectacular farmer's market :). The boy took a picture of me with the sign before I was ready. I promise I usually do smile, and that day, I did a lot of it. It was huge, so much bigger than the tiny one in Pleasantville that I'm used to; the selection of fresh fruits and vegetables was absolutely incredible, and most of them were organic too.

I was in heaven. I bought myself a large bunch of summer spinach, a bag of these beautiful sugar snap peas, and.... kale. It's my first time trying the dark, leafy green, what's your favorite way to eat kale?

Besides the produce there were also stands selling prepared foods, meats, fish, baked goods, flowers, honey, cheese, earthy cosmetics, and bread. Too bad my canvas sac only holds so much ;).

Even if it's just because of the free samples I'd say that the boy enjoyed himself as well :). Farmer's markets are quite impressive. Costs are significantly less and you're able to speak directly with the creators of the product, an important aspect to have since food is both fuel and nourishment.

Plus, my favorite part: asking about how the past season was, how long _____ will stay fresh, what flavors work well with it, what you can expect for the future. Otherwise known as building a relationship.

Anyway, afterterwards we strolled through the picturesque streets. This store, for example, sold paper products. Literally everyday objects made out of paper. You would have been able to see too if the sun hadn't been creating such a glare on the glass. At least you get a peek at my new outfit!
I also enjoyed the adorable signs. I am one of those people who totally judges shops and restaurants based on "sinage." My theory: if they can hire someone to come up with a creative sign and logo then they're making money and thus selling a good product. Shallow yet effective ;).

This restaurant, for instance, is one that I'm dying to try. Not only does it have great reviews, Terrapin has a fantastic-looking menu, very nice decor, a seemingly lovely ambiance, and, a super cool sign :).
Rhinebeck also boasts spectacular colonial architecture. I could've been happy walking around all day admiring the houses, but, as you've heard, the boy felt like a beer and, to be honest, so did I.We back-tracked towards Poughkeepsie to head to the Hyde Park Brewing Company. Not only do they quote FDR on the cover of their menu, "I think this would be a good time for a beer," but their tag line is, "Drink fresh. Drink local." Haha, they completely won us over! We split a pitcher of the Chaos Dry Stout...
I very much enjoyed my glass and the boy pretty much finished off his and the rest of the pitcher. Beer can be quite filling and I had plate of food to eat, sacrifices must be made at some point ;).
I had the Mediterranean Salad: cucumbers, roasted red peppers, sliced carrots, baby tomatoes, artichoke hearts (yuck, I took those out) and olives over mixed baby field greens, topped with a scoop of homemade hummus and surrounded by toasted pita triangles with a lemon-cumin vinaigrette. It was beyond yummy, and as you can see, so very nicely plated. For me, presentation really does have a lot to do with it, it's one of the best perks of eating out! So, besides a few pita triangles, I completely cleaned my pretty plate.
What'd he eat? Oh you know, the 1/2 lb burger with tomatoes, onions, and lettuce served alongside steak-cut fries, an American classic :). We spent the remainder of the day with his friends and family enjoying the gorgeous weather, a fabulous escape from the dreariness that has become the norm around my end of the state. I'm really hoping that the weather realizes it's supposed to be summertime, I like the sun. Hope your week is bright wherever you are!

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