Tuesday, July 14, 2009

that's amore

No offense, Chicago, but if I'm going to have pizza outside of Italy, it's going to be in the New York metropolitan area :). This past week, the boy and I looked into Clean Plates NYC for an economical, tasty, and healthy slice... we found it at Cafe Viva, a tiny Upper West organic pizza joint.
We took our pizza to go, and despite the humid air, enjoyed it amidst the setting sun in Riverside Park.
I had a slice of the Bella. Usually I need two, especially for dinner, but they cut it very generously.
The spelt crust was spread with pesto and topped with spinach, onions, and feta. It was incredible.

The boy enjoyed two sicilian slices, one with cheese, and one without. Yes, he's very adventurous ;).

Oh, yum. What a pleasant dinner... food, environment, and all! Blue skies ahead.

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