Friday, July 24, 2009

merci very much

I'm busy, busy, busy girlies and my internships aren't over... yet I am obliged to take this break :)
This past week I've attended multiple health-related events, walking away with many sweet things. Sometimes it's accessories, a press kit and gift card all because of a new product launch. Other times I've been lucky enough to get books, I love learning about what's new in nutrition.
In addition to having the opportunity to recreate catered nyc food in my own kitchen. Yum!

And then, there was that one in which I really hit the gift bag jackpot... and received a hot new product.

But most of all I appreciate the way that the magazine appreciates their interns. Feeling respected, valued, and trusted is so gratifying and it's had such positive effects on me.

It's nice to know that I'll always have the editors support as I embark on my uncertain future and hopeful career. Not to mention that the recent lunch time chat and q&a with editor-in-chief was priceless.
I feel as though I've really had the opportunity and experience to blossom as a magazine journalist and I'm oh so thankful. I'm also thankful to you all for your constant encouragement in all areas of life. Please accept these flowers from the garden in Monaco as a token of my gratitude ;) and have a great day. That is all, (gee that felt good) see ya later alligators.

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