Friday, July 31, 2009

not quite zen... but almost

Somehow, someway, in the busiest moments, when I should feel tired beyond belief, I appreciate the adrenaline and stress. It's all that keeps me humming along! Then again, coming back down from that place is tough. This past week I received a Vital Juice email about an energy healer and her breathing exercises... even just reading about their experience with her relaxed me.

Breathe in threes. As she massages scented oils on our chakra points, Stephanie shows us how to fill our bellies with air, then our lungs, exhaling through our mouth. The three-part breathing technique quiets the mind and gets energy moving through the body. It's a natural high. Within five minutes we feel practically drugged. Finally, we're completely still, almost heavy with relaxation. (Tears have been known to flow, a result of truly letting go.) Go back in time. We end with normal breathing (now a cinch) while Stephanie asks us to picture our seven-year-old self and tell her what she has to look forward to, from our first kiss to falling in love.
I would love to go for a session with this chill lady and her methods but considering my poor college student status, I'll settle for daily yoga, and possibly a massage if someone feels like treating me ;). I would by no means call myself a yogi but I've always been able to appreciate yoga, whether it's a fast paced, heart pumping vinyasa routine or a meditative hatha session. And avocado toast with a bowl of berries, cherries and banana was the perfect morning fuel for both.It is re-centers me, if that makes sense, which makes it an essential in my daily life even if I don't always get it. In addition to my self-promises to sleep more and pack a healthier lunch, I'd like to bring more yoga into my life. Currently I've been using Gaiam DVDs by Rodney Yee, but after talking with an amazing friend about it, I'm considering investing in Polly's yummy yoga.
Gosh, pretty soon I'm going to be as blissful and meditative as a monk ;). On that same token, when I was at the running peak it had a similar effect on me. While I was living abroad my favorite time of day to run was in the stillness of sunrise when the cities didn't feel intimidating, or even foreign, as each day brought exploration of another beautiful neighborhood. It's simple, really, but I'd like to get that state of mind back, it's all I could do to enjoy running for the sake of running. How does moving move you?

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