Friday, July 3, 2009

hungry for a change

As I sat down to write my "review of Food, Inc. I found myself at a complete loss of words. I wasn't sure if was capable of sharing my thoughts on the film and beliefs about the issues it discussed in a literary way. Nor did I know if I had the patience to sit down and try to do my best. So... I made a video. For anyone who has not yet seen the documentary and has the intention of doing so, I cannot promise you that there aren't any "spoilers," so please watch, me, at your own risk. Otherwise, I'd have to ask that you please excuse my ums, random pauses, likes, and those pieces of hair that continued to fall in front of my face in the filming of this video post ;).
Yes, I know, it was long, possibly too long, but I never claimed to be a great story-teller (I ramble) nor an expert so I hope you made it through. As I'm sure you could tell, I'm very passionate about many of the the reforms that this film supports and encourages. Nevertheless, in my entire 15 minutes, I failed to mention anything specific about pesticides, diabetes, the environmental impact, cloning, and/or, the most heart wrenching of all (in my opinion), the global food crisis. Jeremy Rifkin, president of the Foundation on Economic Trends in DC, said frankly, "People go hungry because much of arable land is used to grow feed grain for animals rather than people," just last year. Something has got to give. I highly encourage you to go see Food Inc. and, at the very least, to check out their website. There's so much to be done, and, there's sooo much we can do. God Bless America... and the whole wide world. Have a very happy and safe Fourth of July!

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