Saturday, July 11, 2009

defying gravity

Hi girlies! Can I see a smile...? It's the weekend and it's summer and there are so many things to be happy about :). Yet even with the leisurely qualities of our present state of being, I still find myself busy. Unfortunately, there is still not a lot of time for me to sit down, blog, and enjoy everything about "your company." I'm sorry, I need to insist on some free time during my days off pretty soon...
Until then, I'm going to ask you to do me a favor: I have a few questions for you and would like to hear about your responses. Please leave your answer in the comments or email me- (1) What is your favorite place in the world? Any place will do, from your neighbor's backyard to an apartment in Timbuktu to the middle of the Red Sea. Anywhere in the world but the place you call home.
(2) Why? (3) What is your favorite foodie memory from that place? There is a method to my madness, I can assure you :) just please answer the questions and I'll let you in on it. Hope you're enjoying beautiful weather with good friends, good food, and good conversation... wherever you may be :).
A life without love is like a year without summer.

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