Thursday, July 23, 2009


Good morning beautifuls, how has your week been? Mine’s been busy, but in the best way possible. Following a great Wednesday at work (including a fun taste test which I’ll reveal later) I went uptown to Rouge Tomate a beautiful, spacious restaurant, described as an “urban retreat.”. I’ve read that they serve fantastic local and seasonal food and “address social and environmental issues” in the entire way in which the restaurant is run. I wouldn’t know however :).
Then what was I doing there you ask? Attending a press event with celebrity fitness trainer Gunnar Peterson. It was sponsored by Silk soymilk. I’m don’t drink soymilk and avoid processed soy products like it but I’d have to admit, I adored the drinks they were serving. There were four options, two alcoholic, two non-alcoholic, blended by their beverage director and absolutely delicious. My drink of choice was the piña colada made with coconut milk, real pineapple, a splash of rum, and unsweetened soy milk. It was actually quite good and meeting Gunnar, health editors, RDs and Silk PR people was a lot of fun.

Thankfully I didn’t completely ruin my appetite because my final stop was at July’s BeamGreen meeting at Tavern on the Green. I had about a half an hour in between the events so I took a very enjoyable walk through Central Park to the Upper West side. 30 minutes later I was sitting in an event room , surrounded by lovely like-minded people, and feasting on vegetarian sushi and crudités alongside my liquiteria all-green juice.

I had such a wonderful time! The first speaker was Jared Koch, nutritional counselor and author of CleanPlatesNYC. He discussed his background in health and how it formed his beliefs and the inspiration for this book. My favorite point that he made was bio-individuality, the concept that each person has his or her unique “ideal” diet according to age, gender, size, lifestyle, and most importantly, ancestry. Still, New Yorkers and city visitors alike enjoy eating out, enjoy eating good food, and (not too surprisingly) can enjoy eating good healthy food out in this vast and diverse city of ours. I purchased my copy last night, complete with an autograph ;).

Next we heard from the Green Depot, an amazing place servicing contractors and consumers alike in “environmentally friendly and sustainable building products, services, and home solutions.” If I get a job and thus an apartment in the city after graduation, I am so frequenting this store. And finally, the founders of Green Grass Life spoke about and served their wheat grass. For a first-timer I have to say, it was pretty damn good, grassy, yes, but in a sweet way.

It was so nice to see Gena and Diana again, in addition to meeting lots of new faces including one of my new favorite bloggers, Leslie. And so, that would be yesterday, busy at it’s best, while today is turning out to be much more relaxing. After work I have plans to go out to dinner with the boy. It’s Restaurant Week in the city… I’m already feeling hungry ;)

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