Wednesday, July 8, 2009

say cheese

Good morning beautiful people! (How’s that for an upbeat Wednesday greeting?) I am feeling good today, very good, in fact. Thank you for being such a great help to me during this tough time. I almost wish I could share everything that is going on at the moment but I feel like I need to maintain some layer of confidentiality for my family’s sake and my own, I hope you understand. I’ve decided to bring a little more optimism back into my daily routine and life. All hope is most definitely not lost and I know that we can get through this together. Gotta love the positive big sister mentality :).

Another huge reason why I’m feeling so happy is because I spent my evening celebrating with this pretty lady. Remember that best friend I was telling you about? Well, she’s back, and last night we celebrated her 21 years of life.

I’ve got a very busy day ahead of me at work so I’ll let the pictures do the majority of the talking. What I will tell you is to make sure you read her new cocktail napkins correctly.

For dinner we made our very own margharita pizza, it turned out to be absolutely fantastic especially for something that was so quick and easy!

To quench our thirst, our dear friend Max took over with another of her birthday gifts, a mojito-making set.

What a fun celebration! I stuck to my one drink because I knew that I'd be paying for it today otherwise but her traditional 21st birthday fiesta will be taking place Friday. I'm very much looking forward to it.

Another upcoming friendly event is taking place tomorrow when one of my favorite recent graduates is coming down to visit myself and two other recently graduated friends. We’re going out for dinner and drinks :). Oh, and earlier that day I’m meeting the boy for lunch; he’ll be in the city for some last minute medical school visits. Poor thing, he has too many choices ;) hope you have a great day, everyone!

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