Tuesday, July 21, 2009

everything happens for a reason

This central identity crisis I've been having for, oh, almost half my life is at the source of my need for travel, for experiences outside of my comfort zone, for personal challenges that would test the limits of those accepting qualities that I vowed to maintain. And when it comes to spreading acceptance, I believe that much of the answer is food. Each human being needs to eat, needs to eat well, and, I think that in order to be truly satisfied, also needs to enjoy what they're eating. Taste buds around the world have learned to appreciate Japanese sushi, Italian pastas, and Mexican burritos. Beyond the nourishment that all of these delicious "ethnic" dishes offer they also provide a glimpse into the attitudes and rituals surrounding food in those cultures in contrast with the one you call your own.
It's beautiful, really, those differences that bring about such exciting flavors and creative presentations. And the majority of us are lucky enough for that exposure to such diversity without stepping very far from our doorsteps. Then again, perhaps it is the fact that the cuisines of the world have and (hopefully) always will surround us so that bonds us all together. Yes, we are each unique individuals, but we come about from the same traditions and values that are largely connected to the food we eat. Feasts have been a celebration among people since seemingly forever, holidays are usually, if not always, focused upon a certain number of foods that are meant to be enjoyed amongst the presence of loved ones, family, and friends. With all of this importance placed upon one plate or many we must learn to savor our differences and similarities, a true strength in any kind of society. So I invite you to try something new, taste something distinct, explore this blog if you haven't already done so and learn more about the incredible kitchen that we live in and the special groups of people within it.

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