Wednesday, July 29, 2009

my secret garden(s)

Do you know I actually got busier in the office after I posted earlier? I ended up having to leave early, after getting in late too! Truth is bloggies, I have to get my wisdom teeth out. My dentist has been pestering me about it for about a year and a half but I was going to Chile, then to France, and haven't gotten around to seeing the oral surgeon until now. I know I've been home for a while but I've been putting off the appointment because... I'm nervous. And, this weekend it all caught up with me in a major and killer toothache :(. I'll probably have them out by the end of next week. Au revoir solid foods!

Anyway, let's please discuss happier things! What was I talking about before? Oh yes, those special places of mine: gardens.

I went to a spectacular one this past Sunday with the boy :) and it all started with an adorable picnic.

We both got huge salads from the supermarket; I also bought bread and had brought a ripe avocado with me (ha, I'm always prepared.) Together it all made for a very nice meal, light and healthy too which was ideal for the hot summer day we had.

There was a pretty setting sun from our picnic spot in addition to picturesque views of the Hudson river.

Not to mention that I was in incredible company. What a handsome boyfriend of mine :)
Have I mentioned that we were spending our day at the Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park, NY?
Not at all the boy's home like he mentioned ;) but the grounds were absolutely beautiful.

And so, after our meal, we made our way to the Vanderbilt's Italian Gardens.

As I said before, I love gardens because they make me feel relaxed, at ease, centered, grateful.
There's something about the natural beauty of the flora, the stones, the water that I find so touching.
It's really almost magical, and no, I don't mean that in a cheesy way at all.
Being whisked away by all that is natural beauty has always been my answer to life's countless stresses.
No matter what the season I find appreciation for it all and get the utmost pleasure out of the experience.
At school last year I insisted on walking the two miles from my apartment to and/or from campus.
I've mentioned that I go to school in Syracuse, right? It snows a ton! But I still make sure to get out.
It was my favorite part of my day, unwinding while I walked past the frozen gardens and quaint houses.
It also served as my primary form of cardio. I was at my lowest weight last spring because of all my walking.
And even though I'm quite a few pounds up from that place, I can always count on walking as exercise.

(By the way, the boy took a silly mini-photo shoot of me, hehe)

I'm sure could tell that I had a wonderful time :) I felt entirely in my element,

surrounded by natural beauty, fragility and allure.

I feel as though it all gives me a clear sense of perspective.

Even if the boy did manage to get an extremely out of focus shot of me ;).

The great thing about gardens is that I was able to discover the best of these personal havens no matter where I was living. Natural beauty is very much a global thing :).
Where is your ideal place to find inspiration? escape from stress? reflect on life?

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