Tuesday, July 7, 2009

america's independence day

I wish there was a stronger word that I could say to thank you all. Every single one of your comments was more comforting than you would even believe. Is everything alright now? Sorta, it's a process, and unfortunately it's really amazing some of the things I've missed after being abroad for a year. As for now, I'll admit, I can only stray a few hours from the blogosphere. But, something so emotionally draining has had its physical effects and sweethearts, boy do I feel it. I have the tummy-ache of all time, not good :(.

On a happier note let's look back to July 4th and my father's Mexican ceviche. It was light and spicy and the best summer appetizer to date.
I also picked on some of these crudités and by the time the meal was served helped myself generously to my aunt's famous salad.
This is a picture of my father's plate, which was similar to mine in some regard and different in others. For one, my plate was piled high with salad. I just adore my aunt's dressing and cannot get enough. Then, there was no chicken breast but a sole ear of corn that was sweetened to summer perfection. Dinner was delicious.
One of my puppies, Colby, just couldn't get enough of lying on my lap for the entire afternoon. In his defense I haven't seen him for a week, my cousins were dog-sitting but boy did he miss me and it goes both ways :).As night fell the kiddies made s'mores while we waited for my uncle and his friend to prepare the fireworks in the backyard.

I opted out on the sugar high and stuck to my Jakie mug (that's my cousin) with delectable hazlenut coffee.

And later on in the night snacked on fresh cherries that I'd purchased from the farmer's market earlier that morning.
It was a beautiful day and holiday and I thoroughly enjoyed myself while surrounded by friends, family, and the boy. I hope the same for you! Hopefully I'll be feeling better enough to eat something photogenic tomorrow, you know how I like sharing my meals :). Take care! Oh and P.S. Happy Birthday Mark and Congrats Maggie!

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