Friday, July 10, 2009

hungry book worms

Hello darlings! I'm staying at my friend's apartment so that would explain why I'm so late to post tonight, sorry :). Even though I was just out for dinner and drinks, and had a fantastic time I might add, I prefer to spend some nights (and days) here... does that make me a nerd?
Ha, at school the local Barnes & Noble café is the only place I can truly study, and be productive to my utmost capabilities. Yes, I know, good times ;) but I seriously do have fond memories. So the morning after visiting the boy I was thrilled to stop by my favorite bookstore for breakfast. I had a green tea and the egg florentine sandwich on a whole-wheat english muffin.It could have used a little less cheese and a whole ton more spinach, but was overall good :). The boy and I sat for an hour or more enjoying our morning meal and catching up on our favorites - medical journals and the Economist for him, health articles and travel essays for me. On our way out I purchased this book: Expat, Women's Tales of Life Abroad. It's a collection of short stories from women who have not just traveled to foreign countries, but lived there, an entirely different and uniquely wonderful experience I can assure you :). I love it so far, it makes me warmly nostalgic and excited for future endeavors at the same time. This book worm has been bitten by the travel bug.Then I was home again, in the blink of an eye, home sweet home. And I say that sarcastically, even though it's not actually so bad at all :). If nothing else, the weather has been warmer and sunny for the past few days so I'm hoping that the worst of my (cold and rainy) New York summer is behind me. It also means that I am solely in charge of my meals, a luxurious responsibility that I missed while living with host families. Choosing what I eat means asking myself what will satisfy my taste buds in the most nutritious way possible, and that night, it meant seasoned broccoli, sweet yam slices, and a side salad. Yum! Enjoy your Friday!

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