Friday, April 22, 2011

becoming a food blogger

I started reading blogs in November of 2007. I was sick with a mono-like virus and couldn't go to class so I needed "I'm weak but not sleeping" entertainment. Food blogs fit the bill. Not only did I find them interesting, but many of my firsts (Eat Like Me, Eat Live Run, Kath Eats) updated three times a day. They were perfect for a bored girl longing for an appetite. And on that day I finally felt better, I was inspired to make oatmeal for the first time. Soon after I also found a passion for well being, especially nutrition. I signed up for a nutrition course the next semester and acquired a collection of health literature in the mean time.
Jump ahead to March of 2008: I had made lots of new healthful recipes and was more informed than I'd ever been about taking care of myself. I felt physically, mentally and emotionally better than ever. I decided that I wanted a blog of my own, even if I had no idea where to begin. I knew I wanted it to be somewhat about food, but I also didn't want to do what had already been done. Then I realized - it's probably unique that I was going to be studying abroad in the upcoming school year. I knew I'd have to incorporate my travels, fascination with languages, and cultural experiences somehow.
Onto April 22, 2008: Around the World in 340 Days was born. I wasn't sure what I was doing and the dear VeggieGirl was most likely my only reader. But then I lived in Ecuador for a month, Chile for five and France for four. I slowly but surely developed my voice and grew into the blogging community. I acquired more readers, followers, and friends than I ever could've imagined. I struggled with finding a balance between my pleasure-seeking sense of adventure and health-conscious wellness priorities. Eventually, I also moved back to the US, graduated from college, road-tripped solo, and started working. Somewhere along that way, this blog became A Nourishing the Glimpse.
[whole-wheat penne, sautéed garlic spinach, cannellini beans, fresh parmesan cheese, shy glass of wine]

As of today, I've officially been blogging for three years. I can hardly believe it! I've learned so much about myself, others, and the world in these 1,096 days. I've even acquired photography skills (or so I think.) Either way, like Gillian, I know now that I am not just a food blogger. For as passionate as I am about nutrition, I also care deeply about travel, art, yoga, culture, self-growth and -reflection, and it took all of these passions to make the freshly-appointed danielle abroad what it is today. Thank you for having supported me throughout the journey so far! For as many lemons as life has handed me, I'm so grateful to have had all of you to share them with. The same goes for the good times too, of course :). Here's to you, many more healthy meals, and the exciting life adventures ahead of us.

P.S. Also, Happy Earth Day!


  1. I have been reading your blog since the very beginning and I must say, you are one of (if not THE most) adorable, refreshing, delightful bloggers out there! I relate to nearly everything you write on a very deep level, and it has been such a pleasure getting to "know" you over these last few years. I hope you realize how adored you are by your readers!

    *hugs* and congrats on 3 years of blogging!

    ~ Jaime

  2. Congratulations!!

    What an awesome record of your last three years!

  3. Congrats on three awesome years Lady! I remember your original blog. You've done SO much in these three years. And your adventures and words have been consistently love throughout :)

  4. Congratulations on the three years! :D

  5. yay!!!!! I'm so proud of how the blog has traveled everywhere and being there with you! you have certainly grown as a woman! i hope we get to see each other soon!

  6. congrats on 3 years!!! We are new to your blog, but plan to stick around :)


  7. I started reading your blog with Around the World in 340 Days- congratulations! I love the style and direction your blogging has gone in especially with the impeccable photography and various commentaries.


  8. Anonymous: Jaime, you have no idea how much this comment made my day. Thank you! Oh my gosh, I'm so flattered. I am so glad that you've been enjoying reading as much as I have blogging. You are too, too sweet.

    Emily: Thank you! :)

    Kristie: Aw, thanks so much! It's been so long for the both of us!

    Little Bookworm: Thank you, dear!

    Trying To Heal: Ah, thanks, love! I do too! I'll let you know next time I'm anywhere near California, and I expect the same for you near New York :).

    Pure2raw twins: Thank you!!! So glad you found me and hope you stay for a while. I adore your crackers.

    saltwatercoffee: So crazy, thanks so, so much!

  9. Congrats on 3 years of blogging! My life has been forever changed thanks to all the amazing people I have met, including you!

  10. happy happy happy blog birthday my dear danielle! i love your blog because it encompasses so many things - health, travel, happiness and of course, food. i am so happy to call you a friend (one i've met!), and keep on blogging girl. reading your posts always make me oh so happy :)

  11. Sana: Thanks, darling! And aw, I completely agree :).

    Holly: Ah, thank you! I love you, your blog, and am so happy to know you too.

    Maggie @ Say Yes to Salad: Thanks so much!

  12. Way to go Danielle! Congratulations for making it this far.. Keep it up, you know we will always be here to support you :)

  13. Jilianne @ Cotswolds Cottages: Thank you so much for reading and supporting me!

  14. I'm a bit late but HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY! I definitely remember when you first started your blog. I thought it was incredible that you were planning this journey across the world and eagerly awaited every blog post. Still do. :o) You are a breath of fresh air and a talented writer. I'm so glad we finally had the chance to meet in person last year.

    Congrats and keep on blogging!!

  15. Jenn (eating bender): Ah, you're amazing! Thank you!!! I'm so happy to have met you too, you were one of my first blogs :). It's so nice to check in nowadays and see how far we've both come.

  16. heyo!!!!!!!!!! 3 years!! YEAAA MAMA!!

    adore you so!

  17. glidingcalm: Ahh, thank you, darling! I adore you right back.


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