Monday, April 4, 2011

a foodie fantasy come true

If you do not wish to watch the video above, please allow me to explain: I want to win the Whole Food's Foodie Fantasy vacation. I need to. The price package includes a "Berlin to Paris" trip for two along with a $500 American Express Gift Card and two in-country food producer visits.
Does that not just sound like the most amazing opportunity? And could it not be any more appropriate for a globetrotting foodie like myself? I'd be able to travel internationally again which won't happen for quite a while otherwise. I'd have such an exciting, enriching and unique experience and I'd obviously share it with all of you right here. Not to mention that it'd be yet another reason to love the ever-wonderful Whole Food's more than I already do. Mmm, WF's hot bar:
Voting begins tomorrow, if I make it that far. No matter how much I want this and feel as though I would take it for beyond all it's worth, there's a chance I may not get chosen by the Whole Foods Market Team. All I ask is that you please, please, pretty please watch the video and comment. I know it's a bit of an inconvenience to use the Facebook app to do so... but I'd be forever in your debt. Seriously. Anything. And if you're willing to go above and beyond, I'd also greatly appreciate you sharing the video with your friends. Thank you in advance for your help! Hopefully I'll be annoyingly begging for your votes in a few days :).


  1. You have my vote and I will post it to get our fellow lambdas to vote too!!

  2. of course I am voting for you!

  3. Looks like you had a lot of fun. The salad you picked up looks great. I don't have a WF where I live. Maybe about an hour away. Hope you win that sounds like a great prize.

  4. ahhhhhhhh i would enter but dont want to diminish your chances? perhaps if i help you market the he!! out of yourself, i can be your #2? thank about it... ;)

  5. Little Bookworm: Thank you!

    Aryn Rapp: Thanks so much, darling!

    claire: Wish you could :) thank you!

    Sasha: Thanks so much!

    Holly: If I were to have made it to the 2nd round and then win, you'd be my #2 :).


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