Saturday, April 30, 2011

homegrown spoils

I was an only child for four years. My parents weren't as financially-comfortable then so I never had that much stuff, just an excess of their time and attention and love. It was wonderful from what I remember. Then, my little brother was born, and three years after that, so was my little sister. Sharing everything and everyone kept me from being too bratty, but knowing that I've still been luckier than some, I've probably been spoiled. Looking back, I'm sure I have been... in the most thoughtful and reasonable way, of course.
Last night I enjoyed a taste of what life might have been life if it was still just me. My brother is away at school and my sister was babysitting. It was nice, although in some ways I wish they would've been there too.
My mom, my dad, myself and a bottle of Oregonian Pinot Noir sat together enjoying each other's company and what I imagine adult conversation is like. It was our last dinner out together while I was still living under their roof.
I chose a local and seasonal restaurant, Sweet Grass Grill located in the heart of Tarrytown. Everything was fresh and mostly very flavorful. We split the majority of our dishes as per usual...
 [Hudson Valley Farmer's Salad: Local Mixed Greens, Spring Vegetables, Tomato Vinegar]
 [Carrot Ginger Soup: Carrot Chips]
 [Crispy Brussel Sprouts: Grapefruit, Garlic Chips]
[Spinach Rissotto: Spring Vegetables]
[Hudson Valley Duck: Haircot Verts, Frites]
  [Grilled Arctic Char: Quinoa & Cous Cous Salad, Sautéed Greens, Lemon Drizzle]
 [Decaf French-Pressed Coffee]
We finished our delectable meals with a Flourless Chocolate Torte with Vanilla Anise. As I savored small bites of it, in between sips of coffee, I thought about how human my parents are. I don't remember the day when I realized that they had no idea what they were doing either, that they were always just trying their best as well, but now that I have, I know that I'm able to appreciate them that much more.  Even if they still manage to frustrate me. Is it not just amazing that we go through our entire young lives looking up to them, needing their love and support, getting annoyed with the way that they care, and vying for our independence from it all? I am more than ready and prepared and excited to move out tomorrow, and yet, I must admit that sad to not be able to take them with me. Spoiled or not, I'm going to miss them so much. And with that final familial thought it's back to packing for me. Happy Saturday, doves.


  1. beautiful post is funny how we go through years under-appreciating our parents and then as we get older, realize how great they really are. what a lovely evening it sounds like...and well, the food looked tasty of course too!

  2. Carrot soup with carrot chips sounds divine!

  3. claire: Thanks, love. It is funny how that works.

    Broccoli Hut: Divine is right, although I would've preferred a stronger ginger flavor.

  4. what a lovely goodbye meal! i remember having that moment of "oh my god my parents are people too." my english teacher in high school alerted us to this fact one day during my senior year, and it was a scary realization at the time, but it makes the whole picture of my childhood much more... forgivable, one could say? our parents are people too, and i think we all have to realize that in order to "get over" whatever we consider their mistakes that may have affected us in negative ways. once viewed through this lens, everything is appreciated, i think - especially adult moments such as this. happy moving day! :) (belated)

  5. sofia: Thank you! And thanks so much for sharing. You gave such a sweet explanation and I couldn't agree more.


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