Monday, April 18, 2011

renewed again

You may have noticed a few changes around here. First off, the header now says danielle abroad. It's been my URL for quite some time now (too inconvenient and costly to change) but I didn't find it fitting as a name. I'm rarely abroad these days, and when I am, it's only short term. That's not to say that I'm ruling out living in a foreign country once more... just that I have a thing for accuracy ;). I have heard that people "know" me as danielle abroad though, so I've moved a nourishing glimpse to the sub header, and danielle abroad it is. 
I thought it looked better in lower case as well and thus have adjusted it accordingly. Then I lower case-d this year's post title's and the page headers. I had to create some sort of seamlessness, you know.  Speaking of pages (we were, kind of), I've adjusted their titles to be questions and I plan to be edit them throughout the week. I must admit, I'm pretty excited for the updates.
And on that note, I'm still working on a faq page. How are we supposed to get to know each other any better if you don't ask me some more questions? Exactly :). It can be about food or travel or any little detail in between those areas of my life. If you don't feel comfortable commenting with it, you're more than welcome to email me too at
As far as my recent life is concerned, I am officially celebrating spring in all it's glory, whether or not mother nature chooses to join me. Last week I walked a couple dozen blocks farther than necessary so that I could (1) enjoy the sunshine and (2) enjoy some sorbet. Yesterday I row, row, rowed my boat in Central Park. What a great workout that was, and so much fun. These next few days will be filled with mostly smoothies and juices to give me digestive system a break and detox from my rather indulgent post-cleanse lifestyle. (Don't worry- if it's sunny, I'm still getting sorbet.) And for the next month, I am committing myself to more yoga. I can never get enough. I guess I just need a constant amidst the changes.


  1. She is officially...Danielle Abroad!! Won't be outside if the weather stays the way it is here :(

  2. That sorbet represents Spring Time sooo much! :D You seem to have so much fun rowing your boat! :D

  3. Ahh I'm hoping for those sunny spring skies to hit Oregon asap (and some warmish weather to boot and put some dresses to use!)

  4. Anonymous/LDJ: I love you.

    francesca @ oral hcg: Thanks!

    saltwatercoffeeL Hopefully they're coming your way. Apparently there's rain in NY for the next week. Oh, April...

  5. Jilianne @ Cotswolds Cottages: Ha :) hope you can have something like it soon!


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