Sunday, April 17, 2011

moving on out

Yesterday's R&R was spectacular. I didn't even end up going out and instead spent a quiet evening dining with my parents, tidying up my bedroom and going to sleep early. A few activities that also went unmentioned were a manicure and pedicure (as per my lovely mother's suggestion) and online shopping/research as I design my new home.
Yes, you read correctly chickadees, I'm moving out. And soon! One of my best friends from college has an opening in her UES apartment in May so I've been finding budget-minded inspiration all around me as I plan my first room that's really all mine. Ah, I'm so excited. I'll officially be a Manhattan resident just in time to celebrate my birthday and the fabulous summer ahead.
But with that comes worry as well. For as independent as I may be, this is the one of the biggest steps that I've ever taken. Never again will I live under my parents' roof. It's a dramatic thought, I know, and it may not even be true, but it's only in the most dire of circumstances that I'd move back and I obviously hope that doesn't happen. So here it is, the grown-up challenge of the year: living on my own. I'm ready, I'm willing, and I'm scared. Yet I also can hardly wait. I haven't known the convenience of the city, well, ever, and there's lots more exploring to do. Speaking of, have you ever gone on the row boats in Central Park? I haven't. Not until this afternoon at least. And if it sounds romantic, it may very well be. Here goes everything :).


  1. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!! and for more yoga & wine dates ;) moving out and being on your own is terrifying and exciting all at the same time, but you're so ready and you're also one of those people that will take advantage of all that this lovely city has to offer, which will make your life here so much greater :) i can't wait!

  2. awesome! you are being such an adult! where in the ues?

  3. YAY! i am so happy that so much is working out for you this year. you have nothing to be afraid of - you've lived on your own, not only in college, but in foreign countries. this is really no different, especially because you have a huge team of supporters all around you (aka friendsss). celebratory toast next time we hang out? :)

  4. Many congratulations! We'll be right across the park from each other. :) You're going to have a spectacular summer!

  5. Need someone to help you move? :)

  6. I loved reading this post because you sound so excited! ;) The next couple of months will be a whirlwind for you!

  7. Ahh, it's going to be so much fun! Yaay, for new adventures!

  8. this is wonderful and exciting! this is one of those 'grown up' experiences that I can't wait to have. you are going to have the BEST time creating your own little space :)

  9. So exciting! My "moving out" isn't quite a moving out as it is a "staying put" in my house in DC after graduation. Still, it's poignant. I keep forgetting that I'm not moving home to MA for a summer on the pond (although I will certainly spend as much time there as possible)!

  10. Ahh! It is all happening! I am so very excited for you. I have spent so much time living/staying at my grandmas old apt on the UES so I miss the area dearly. I love that you can escape from downtown to the quieter side of town at night. Candle Cafe/79 will be calling your name...

    have fun with decorating it! It will be your very own oasis!

  11. sofia: Thank you, darling! I'm so glad you're as excited as I am :)

    Nomadic Matt: Haha, what's an adult?

    leslie: You're so, so right. Celebratory toast most definitely :) thanks, friend!

    Shayne: That we are, Shaynester. I'll meet ya in the middle.

    Gillian: Um, yes. Please.

    Imwaytoobusy: Aw, thanks so much. I sure hope so!

    Cindy: Yay for new adventures!

    lookthroughmyspecs: Ooh, I am. I wanted to be an interior designer for a while growing up so I've especially been counting down the days, ha.

    Anna: We're such grown ups :) but we're not old yet.

    claire: Thanks, love! Come visit!!!


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