Monday, April 21, 2008


Thanks so much for virtually joining me! The tentative date for departure is June 15. Time is really flying by and I already have that nervous/excited butterfly feeling. I met with an SU Abroad advisor yesterday to go over all of the Chilean visa, medical, even FBI forms that I need completed in the next week. Wow, there is so much to do... it better be worth it ;)

"The program is hosted by CEDEI in Cuenca, (Ecuador) and includes a two-day orientation in Quito and various field study and program activities during the 4-week immersion experience where students live with host families. Students then travel to Santiago, (Chile) where they join other program students for participation in the bilingual field study seminar, Contemporary Issues in Chile and Latin America, and enroll in classes at U Chile." Ultimately, "The program is designed to maximize immersion and language acquisition through homestays, bilingual coursework, interdisciplinary field study, and enrollment in regular semester classes taught in Spanish at the University of Chile." 

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