Sunday, April 10, 2011

allow me to introduce you to

Tribeca's cobblestone waterfront,
spring plantings in Central Park,
homemade brunches (whole grain apple cinnamon muffin with almond butter, scrambled eggs, blackberries, sliced grapefruit)
the convenience of Union Square,
hipsters & thrift stores in Williamsburg,
NYU & Washington Square Park,
the East Village's diverse venues,
the vibrancy of Chinatown,
 the Wall Street bull,
Lady Liberty in all her splendor (from afar),
a rest stop at South Street Seaport,
the Manhattan Bridge & the Brooklyn Bridge,
the trends of Soho without any expense,
Greenwich village's charm,
quirky New Yorkers (note: large cat on man's head),
the brilliance of the way home,
and, as is if you haven't had enough, real bagels too.


  1. ahhh this kills me...makes me miss ny so much. I wanna come soon...and bring V...can you believe he has never been!

  2. claire: No! Why are you two not picking up your things and coming for an extended visit right this second?! Kidding. Not really. Miss you :)

  3. Wow. You must be exhausted! Looks like you really gave him the complete NY run-down.

  4. Wow I am so jealous of your weekend! The food looks nothing short of amazing - MMMmmm! :) Have a great start to the week!

  5. LOVE this. makes me want to move to the city sooo bad! gorgeous pics, thank you!!

  6. Can I please spend a weekend with you?!

  7. This captures so many of my favorite things about new york! Good work with the cones from Lula's - love that place!

  8. Wow, I want to go visit NY again, i love it. You should post for the tourist agency!!

  9. Anna: Exhausted is an understatement ;) it was worth it though.

    oatsandspice: Thank you! And same to you, m'dear.

    graduategourmande: You're very welcome! Come, I don't doubt the city will welcome you with open arms.

    Gillian: Um... YES. Come visit!

    Megan (The Runner's Kitchen): Gracias! I tried :).

    Alyson: Haha, you're telling me ;).

  10. Love NYC. So excited that we are making a road trip there in a few days ;) This makes me get even more anxious about the trip though it is going to be short but so worth it!

  11. So that's the famous Wall Street Bull - first time I saw was on the movie - Hitch! Wow, I wish I can visit the place. Thanks for sharing sweetie :)

  12. Pure2raw Twins: It's worth it! And it's only as hectic as you make it. I'm just a busy bee, overachiever and a planner at heart ;)

    Jilianne @ Cotswolds Cottage: 'Twas my pleasure. Hope you can see it all in real life sometime soon.

  13. What beautiful pictures. Make me want to revisit NY asap :D

  14. Jenny: Thanks, we hope to see you soon :)

  15. I've always had a love for good pizza, but after experiencing the deliciousness of ITALIAN pizza, I gotta get myself some from New York! Obviously...I'm a connoisseur of pizzas now, dontcha know?? :)

    But you are just the cutest! Love these pictures. The city looks beautiful right now, and all that food (vegan ice cream... that brunch) look absolutely delicious. So glad you're enjoying yourself!

  16. alovelyglass: Most definitely :) come visit! Thank you!


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