Wednesday, April 20, 2011

valencian rice

My late uncle's parents are Spanish. Just need to say this: While Spanish is a language, it is also a culture. There are differences, for instance, amongst Spanish people (those from Spain), Colombians (those from Colombia) and Latin Americans (those from one of the Spanish-speaking countries in Central and South America). Anyway :) I tell you this because many Easters ago, my family celebrated the holiday at my aunt and uncle's apartment, and his parents brought paella. 
I didn't like seafood at the time, and I've never been the biggest fan of rice, but I tried it. I was unenthused. I didn't actually have it again until I was in Barcelona two years ago. I did enjoy it then but it still didn't blow me away. So, I decided that paella just wasn't really my thing... until last week at Socarrat.
I probably wouldn't have sought out this paella bar had it not been for ScoutMob. Thank God I found it. One of my best friends and I caught up for three hours over fantastic glasses of Spanish wine. We sat at a friendly communal table in the dimly lit, somewhat romantic restaurant with paella for two featuring fish, shrimp, cuttle fish, mussels, cockle clams, squids and scallops. I could not have been happier nor more satisfied. 
As for the name of this wonderful place, Socarrat Paella Bar, you can read above for the delectable meaning behind it. And as for whether or not you think you love paella, you will. I highly recommend paying a visit to one of their two locations.


  1. We always do a different ethnic dish for Christmas dinner at my house, and it was paella last year! Such a tasty treat.

  2. Anna: What an awesome tradition. I'm glad you got to enjoy it somewhat recently too!

  3. I had paella for the first time about a year ago when I was in Spain! So good!

  4. Pure 2raw twins: Yum! I need to go back now.

  5. Awesome picture !!! seafood is great trust me :)


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