Friday, May 1, 2009

danielle studied abroad (dot) com

I did it.


Je l'ai fait.

Yo lo hice

I'm home sweet home, safe and sound, and everything that is the same is different. The physical and emotional journey was a long one, a challenging one, and because of it, I am not the girl I was. Somehow, someway, I've grown, perhaps even changed... and since I'm so busy with adjusting and reuniting with life, I think I'm going to need a short break from blogging. Happy May! See you in a week :).


  1. This is exactly what we've experienced and heard from our indelible community...feeling lost and alone in a crowd seems common with our indelible travelers and those throwing themselves into long term travel experiences whether they be a study abroad, gap year program or spending a summer volunteering abroad. My question to you is how your return home felt, if there were any similar sensations with re-entry and if you'd be interested in sharing your experiences with our indelible community at ?

  2. @Sandra: Sandra! Thanks for the comment and my apologies for taking so long to get back to you. Yes, and yes. Emailing you now :)


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