Saturday, May 8, 2010

shiny and new

Why hello there. Welcome to my new and improved blog! I've tried a few templates in the past 24 hours and I'm pretty sure that this one feels "just right." What do you think?
I've also changed the blog's title; farewell my sweet Around the World in 340 Days. I would love to stay with my original "brand" but it has posed two problems for me in the past year. Firstly, it is a ridiculous mouthful of words, especially when introducing yourself as the blog's author. Secondly, it is no longer relevant to the life I am living. I have experienced being abroad for 340 days at different places around the world... but that is all in my past, and although I am thankful, I'd prefer to focus on the present.
I feel as though A Nourishing Glimpse defines my blog's concept and my personal blogging philosophy much better. When used as an adjective, nourish is defined as "promoting or sustaining life, growth, or strength." I don't know about you, but I wake up each morning with the hope of nourishment. It sometime comes in the form of visiting those people I care about, attending art exhibition, traveling to other places, dancing my way into the night, etc. but it always includes good, whole, and pure foods, (and beer/wine, if I'm lucky.) All of it allows me my mind, body, and soul to feel it's best.
Then there is that last word, glimpse, which can be somewhat more obscure :). A glimpse can mean "a very brief, passing look, sight, view" or "a momentary or slight appearance." In this way, it's relevant in the sense that this blog is hardly tell-all. I choose bits and pieces of my life to share that somewhat embody living a whole life in the way that I define it.
Glimpse can also be understood to be "a vague idea; inking." Now, I never claim to be any sort of wise philosopher but I do often write with a purpose, to convey a lesson learned or reflect on a meaningful experience. I'd like to spark conversation, or even deep thought, within the reader and their life. Lofty motivations, I know ;).
And finally, the archaic definition demonstrates that a glimpse is "a gleam, as of light." I am not constantly happy, I make mistakes, and things don't always go my way, but I pride myself on the fact that I am quite optimistic. Looking on the bright side of things keeps me going, and in some way, hopefully positively influences others as well.
As I embark on the newest chapter in my life, the next few months are sure to bring lots of changes and defining moments, and I wanted to settle into a blog nook that felt appropriately comfortable. What's your opinion of the new title? Is it a good fit? Why or why not? Your feedback is very much appreciated.
Today I am sitting in Freedom of Espresso with my Communication Law notes and a delectable soy latte. My plan is to sporadically post for the next week until graduation, and then I'm free to blog, to taste, to completely and thoroughly experience all that is real life. Hope you'll stick around A Nourishing Glimpse, it's going to be quite the ride! 

P.S. For future reference, if you're on the main page of the site, you will need to click on the post's title at the top or the # comments at the bottom to contribute to the commentary... and I certainly hope you do :).


  1. Love the new blog name and layout! :D

  2. Little Bookworm: Thank you dear! I think I do too :)

  3. aw the new layout is so chic and fabulous, much like the girl behind the blog :)

    Can't wait to follow you on your future adventures, Danielle! Lots of love! <3

  4. Love the new title and layout! Perfect start to your post-college life :) Can't wait to see what the future holds for you and the bloggie!

  5. I am in LOVE!!!! This is so fabulous!

  6. Jenny: Oh I like that ;) thank you! Glad to have you be a part of them!

    Gabriela: Thanks girlie! Me neither :)

    Kailey (SnackFace): Why thank you my dear! I like to think so ;)

    Maggie: Yay! Thanks!

  7. I adore the new blog name!! It's very fitting :)

    Can't wait to follow your post-college experiences, Danielle! Not only does that soy latte look DELICIOUS, but the new blog layout is incredibly chic ;) xoxoxo

  8. jesslikesithot: Thank you dear! I hope there'll be a lot of great things to blog about :)

  9. congrats on the new blog! like the look and title!

  10. The foods all look delicious! Especially the coffee :)

  11. love the new layout beautiful! and the new blog title is awesome too!! I know your blog is going to be just as great!!! <3 you!

  12. Trying To Heal: Thanks so, so much! Love you too!


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