Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hola, chicas! Wait... did that multi-lingual posting throw you off? Kidding ;). I'm sorry I haven't been around, seemingly at all, since about this time last week. As you know, I had people visiting this past weekend (my graduated freshman year roommate, my little, and the boy who lovingly surprised me) so, by the time this week started, I'd hardly done any work to prepare for it. Then there was that migraine from Monday into Tuesday that forced me to waste time, and lo and behold, I ended up reading, writing, and studying every moment that I was not inside a classroom, eating, or sleeping. I suppose I did talk to a few important people in person and on the phone but that's just necessary. And there you have it, the usual academic fun :) crazy busy. But seeing as today is Thursday, I once again have the weekend  in my grasp, and now with less social events and more organization. No better time for blogging!
On that note, has anyone ever been to Africa? It's a continent beyond the realms my knowledge and frankly it's quite overwhelming how much of it I'd like to get to know more about the beautiful places there. First there's South Africa, then Madagascar, a safari (country tbd), and Egypt. Of course the Sahara desert is also must-see, perhaps at it's northern end, in, say, Morocco?
I went to a Moroccan restaurant in Dublin, in honor of a group of my friends who were  spending their spring break there. The food was out of this world! Many of the dishes were derived from combinations of some of my favorite ingredients, including spinach, chickpeas, lentils, baked bread, nut paté, fish, and olive oil. Not to mention that wine :).
My friends took the most amazing photographs, as I'm sure you'd agree! One of those privileged who saw Morocco through his own eyes actually came over to my house for dinner tonight. It was great to catch up over our unique traveling and home experience since leaving Strasbourg. He stuck around in Europe for a while actually and backpacked through Italy and Greece before departing.
I got a taste of Italy with my few days in Florence but there's so much more to do and see there. Then there's Greece, a country I hope to tour after graduation and, obviously Africa. Which leads me to be reminded of my lovely peek into Asia where there's so many other places to explore, and Australia. My gosh, I even have places left in the Americas that I'd like to travel to one day!
How do I expect to do it all? With what money? With what time? I have yet to figure that out :) but it's nice to wonder about. A few years ago I would have been surprised if you had told me I would be as "well-traveled" as I am today, and yet, I'm here. I made it :). Each trip into the unknown has left me more fulfilled than before, and I can only hope to continue to learn and grow and experience in the future.
With that said, I'd also like to add that it has brought a new perspective to what home means to me, and I have found that I can appreciate the familiar more than ever. Balance is key among adventure and comfort, and other things (ahem, food)... so maybe that's why they call that place a happy medium :). When we find that on a gorgeous plate, in a special place, with the people we care about, that's how we know we've come full circle. How can one even begin to describe that? Well, I'll let my fellow bloggers and loyal readers do the honors. Stay tuned!

P.S. If you have not already noticed, my domain is now: :)

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