Sunday, October 25, 2009

fresh & clean

Just had one of the best showers ever. Only preceded by the best yoga class today. It was hot, it was invigorating, and it was just what I needed. This past weekend and week has been both horrible and wonderful. Now, I honestly feel renewed in every way, and it's not just because I'm kicking off another 340 posts ;). But, before we completely move forward, I'd like to look at the breakfast, lunch, and dinner from my yesterdays.
Breakfast in Cuenca, Ecuador, unique from the instant coffee and bread morning meal of mi familia.
Lunch, the main meal, consisted of the fresh juice, the occasional soup, a main plate, and salad.
Dinner was virtually non-existent, unless there was a family get-together. This could mean a full plate or just coffee and dessert.
Breakfast in Santiago, Chile was green tea/coffee and stove-top avena with walnuts, banana and flax.
Lunch was a frittata with salad on the side or a gorgeous salad in and of itself.
Dinner was a hearty meal of legume-based soup and various ensaladas, as per usual. When it got warmer, however, my host-mom and I also had our fair share of salmon.
Breakfast in Strasbourg, France often was made up of coffee/tea, yogurt with mix-ins and French bread spread with some type of seasonal jam.
Lunches were simple since I usually ate them between classes with ingredients from the market.
Dinner, on the other hand, was anything but, and included multiple plats which my host-mom always so beautifully presented on my place mat.
YUM, that was fun! Any questions? Haha. From now on we're going to look towards the future and the foreign adventures that lie in that unknown sphere of time, although I can't promise I won't bring up international memories from time to time :) Have a great night and I'll see you tomorrow!

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