Wednesday, October 28, 2009

vino & queso

Good morning sweet peas. Please excuse my absence yesterday, I just really couldn't bring myself to blog. There's just a lot of things going on outside of school that are dragging me down: I have health and family stuff that I'd rather not discuss on the blog, and then, to top it off, someone towed my car about 10 minutes before I left class yesterday. The reason that I drove this time? I didn't want to give myself another excuse not to do laundry. So yeah, my car is currently in some yard while my laundry is taking over the back seat :(.
Rather than be upset about it all though, I decided to drink away my sorrows. Haha, just kidding, promise :) I was excited for wine & cheese night simply because I love my wine and my cheese. My roommate and I were the first ones at the bar that night. Pathetic? No. Dedicated? You betcha.
I have never been able to go out on a Tuesday night, never, except maybe freshman year which doesn't count, so this was exciting. And I was quite impressed with our little spread! The bar had offered us this complimentary fiesta, if you will, so nobody knew quite what to expect. Of course I took food pictures even if I hardly touched it :).
I didn't do much as far as dressing up, just added some heels to my previous outfit that day,  obviously going for a classy look ;). It was really fun regardless, though. There were about 10 people there, a few my age, and half two years younger than me, the new girls in the house, and I enjoyed having the opportunity to get to know them better.
So that was that, it was a worthwhile good time and I definitely enjoyed myself. It's actually quite ironic, however, that I decided to go out during this week because halloween is huge and I'm sure my weekend will be packed with social plans. Oh well, I'll deal :). I'm an uninventive jack-o-lantern, by the way. it's cute, just not creative, but I may just steal one of my friend's green diamonds for the next night. She is going as a SIM...genius, I know. Dressing up can always get so fun--do you have any idea who or what you are going to be?

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