Monday, October 5, 2009

take (affirmative) action

Hello dears :) sorry for the absence. I've had quite the exhaustingly fun weekend! But rather than bore you with share the ridiculousness that ensued this homecoming weekend, I'd like to take a moment for more thoughtful things. 'Tis story time.

The other day, two intelligent friends of mine (both of whom identify as being White) were studying for their biochemistry exam. They were beyond stressed. Eventually, a quick break conversation turned into a medical school discussion: "I just wish I were Native American... while also being Black and Hispanic." She's worried that otherwise, she won't get in anywhere. Untrue, but still.

From my first day in second grade, my mom always told me to check off Hispanic/Latino(a) on all forms of standardized tests and exams. Apparently my good grades are viewed to be even better when those in charge know that I am not Caucasian. Hm. 

Affirmative action; the good, the bad, and the ugly. Where do you stand?

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