Tuesday, October 27, 2009

picture day

Hope you enjoyed that lovelies ;) but if you'd like to actually read something by or about me...
  1. Find out why and how I'm semi-anti-Twitter; and still happily use it anyway. (http://twitter.com/Danielle052988)

  2. Check out my first contributor's post to GoBackpacking.com
Now, about that blog award I was talking about from my soul mate, Leslie. Thanks again girl!
I would like to pass this on to two three very dear bloggers and friends of mine...

VeggieGirl, my first commenter, and one of the coolest people I know :). She is both sweet and sarcastic, honest and encouraging, intelligent and talented, and I love her for all of it. Every time we hang out, I have just about the best time ever. A few weeks ago, she was featured on Plates from Around the World, and like I said then, I cannot wait to see her again soon!

Another generous contributor who I adore is K from KsGoodEats. Not only has she been a very active and supportive blog reader throughout my travels but her writing about her own adventures completely entertain me every day. Plus she always eats the most simple and yummy vegetarian things, especially when in Italy.

Finally, since I just realized that I was technically supposed to send this to only one person, I've decided to pass it along to yet one more :) Gliding Calm. She is such an amazingly beautiful and understanding doll. Fact is, her texts and comments never fail to brighten my day! And, I seriously cannot wait to hear all about her upcoming trip India. 

P.S. If you haven't already picked up your Nov/Dec issue of Fitness magazine, please make sure to do so! You can find another one of my articles on page 106. Yes, I do still find that thrilling :).

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