Tuesday, October 6, 2009

tonight's gonna be a good night

I love this song, seriously, pumps me up no matter what mood I'm in. Now back to this homecoming weekend I've been so sly about :). Many of my graduated friends that I'd wanted to come, didn't, so I was surprised at how wonderful it turned out to be... i.e. the boy surprising me by coming up! It was a healthy dose of fun and just what I needed.
Thursday night was spent with the sorority sisters, first at a fraternity then to a bar. I was probably about the best mood ever to begin with so there was a ton of fun to be had ;).
Friday I did work all day, as I mentioned, and then ran off to happy hour, only to find that sweet boy of mine at my house when I returned. We stayed out probably too late that night so we went to the park to take our necessary naps the next day.
I tried to get a candid shot of us sleeping, but as you can see, he was not cooperating. Too cute.
He sadly left mid-afternoon but my day was quickly re-brightened by the arrival of two of my very best friends that I wish, wish, wish still were in school.
We went out to Papa Gallo's that Saturday evening for dinner, where I had a scrumptious mojito.

We split homemade chips, salsa, guacamole, and jerk shrimp for the table as our appetizers.

And I had a delicious bowl of spicy black bean soup as my entrée. We were sitting outside so it was absolutely perfect to warm me up!
The following day, Sunday, I was beyond tired. I may or may not have "partied a little too hard." Either way, it wasn't enough to keep me in. I went out to the Matt Wanetik memorial 5K race. Since it was a relay, I only ran one kilometer... the second as my partner's and I's hands so happily demonstrated, and with even that least bit of activity I felt that runner's high.
All in all, I couldn't have asked for a better weekend, being back at school will no longer be anything feel uncertain about. As the term homecoming infers, apparently, it really is a place where I belong.

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