Friday, October 2, 2009

in shape with an escape

Hello girlies! How is everyone? I've got to say, although I didn't appear to be thrilled about the social climate this homecoming weekend... last night was amazing. I really just had such a great time and am looking forward to a couple more fun nights to come. Still, with my luck, I also have a lot of work. Between class assignments, magazine articles, and editorial to-do lists, I've been spending the majority of my day, working diligently in the Barnes & Noble café (told you I love it here!) and now I am in major need of a break.
Prompted by Vitamin's G's post today, I'd like to dedicate this one to daydreaming. Health researchers believe that daydreaming could be a "workout for your brain." In their study, they found that letting your mind wander a bit might help you be a better problem solver in everyday life. Apparently, the brain is most active when we're daydreaming, and less active when we're performing routine tasks. Fascinating, don't you think?
So, on this Friday mid-afternoon slump :) let's chill out with a mental escape, also known as daydreaming, but this time with a traveling twist. If you be anywhere in the world... right this very second... where would you rather be?
I, for one, wouldn't mind being in Aruba! A friends of mine just spent a week and a half there, my parents are going for a belated honeymoon/anniversary trip next weekend... and here I am without miles of soft, white coast, clear blue waters, seafood dinners beneath the warm, setting sun. Ha ;). That is usually what my family vacations are made of since my parents always crave beach destinations. We've been to the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and various beaches in Mexico and within Florida. I don't snowboard well :) Where does your family vacation?
(Sigh) I cannot wait for the next one. As for now, back to work!


  1. I would suggest to your parents and yourself to visit Cuba. Outstanding beaches, the same as you describe for the one in Aruba, but less expensive.

    1. I'd love to! Will keep that in mind for our next family vacation.


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