Thursday, October 15, 2009

jack's a dull boy

Hello my dears! In my final attempt at procrastination I am going to blog :) and then it's down to all work and no play, I don't have any other choice. Why? Because, well, it is midterm season here in Central New York and I have two to prepare for, in addition to a mid-semester paper and a project. It might actually be a good thing that I'm getting "snowed in" this weekend. Yes, snow, in October, I know. Pitiful.
Ah, how I long for days free from stress and worry (and with good weather.) Somewhat like my last weekend. As I've mentioned, my parents were in Aruba and I was home visiting the doctors to figure out why my hands, fingers, and even toes, were aching so much. The verdict? No idea but I do have to wait for results from a blood test. I don't seem to have arthritis though so I'm just going to have to depend on over-the-counter meds, hope this doesn't become a habit.
Still, besides that annoying aspect of my visit, being home wasn't that bad at all. My grandmother was staying with us because my poor brother has mono, aka she fed me well. On Saturday, I had tea with lunch because I was chilly and by the end of the meal, my tummy was not only happy, but warm. What a wonderful feeling.
Then I spent an overnight in the Bronx, Fordham University to be exact, with two of my best friends from high school. It has been so long since we were just able to sit back and hang out all together, and my gosh, I cannot even remember the last time we all had a sleep-over :). So much fun, and I'm sure you don't doubt it at this point... they're such talented dancers after all.
The next day I was completely productive, but without a time constraint or any distractions. It's no wonder I did so well in high-school! Ha, check out my fabulous desk set-up. I did commit a health foodie sin though: eating in front of the computer. I couldn't help it though, I was on such a roll at that point and at least I was sitting!
What I ate was a massively delicious salad from Mrs. Greens. I swear that the fact that my grandmother is so interested in healthy living just about makes my life. She almost gets as excited as I do to go to the health food store. Plus, she's ridiculously generous. She let me go all out at the salad bar and bought me a scrumptious jar of creamy, unsalted, and raw almond butter. Yum!

And last but not least, I drove over to Newark, New Jersey for a pre-season basketball game: NJ Nets versus the Boston Celtics. I don't really follow sports that closely but I love watching games live, especially basketball. It's so exciting and I just get to competitively in to it. Quite the trash-talker I am, I'm not gonna lie.
Beforehand, the boy and I stopped at the spot for a beer. We both got Blue Moons. As an FYI- I drank mine out of the bottle, he drank his out the glass with the orange. I think it's funny. Also, I think it's ridiculous that I had never had Blue Moon before the end of this summer, they're so good! That may be because I wasn't of age yet though... oh yeah, the under 21 thing, glad I'm past that.
Did I mention that this entire NBA outing was the boy's birthday present? You may remember that we celebrated it back in July? Either way I bought these in advance so that he could see the tickets themselves but we had to wait until basketball season to actually go to the game. I loved how thrilled he got, it was the first live NBA game for both of us.
And the Celtics won! Exquisite night and weekend. Alright, alright, enough reminiscing already, I have to get back to work! Have a good one and if I don't "see" you tomorrow, Thank God it's Friday!

P.S. As I was about to walk out the door and head to my hard-work nook I came upon a personal revelation... I was invited to go out with two different friends tonight and had to turn them down. I've been asked multiple times if I'm going to the sorority pre-bar later. I'm staying in tonight and doing work that I enjoy. I'm going to a hot yoga class tomorrow then celebrating my roommate's 22nd birthday. All work and no play (may) make Jack a dull boy, but, in the case that I am Jack, he's a happy and healthy one :).

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