Thursday, October 29, 2009

central new york tourism (1 of 2)

Hi friends, thank you for your kind words yesterday. These past two weeks have been pretty crazy but I really will be alright. I promise not all of it has been bad! Remember when I mentioned that I'd had a Mommy weekend? Are you ready to hear about it? I know I am :).
It all began on Saturday morning. We awoke bright and early to a hearty morning meal at the bed & breakfast. Soon after we stopped by my school and then headed west to Auburn, New York.
Also the hometown of the Art Nouveau stained glass artist, L.C. Tiffany, son of the founder of Tiffany & Co. The houses and churches we looked at were beautiful, although it appears as though I forgot to take photos.

We didn't stay long though, I wanted to head over to the picturesque town of Skeneatelas, but my mother's growling tummy had something else in mind.
Angelo's apparently ;). For some odd reason there were very few places open, it was either pizza or bar food, which meant that we each had a slice with as much veggies as the establishment could muster (mushrooms), and split a beer at the bar afterwards.
Then we drove over to the quaintness that is Skaneateles, NY. The lake was beautiful and the weather  cleared up. In between our lunch and dinner my mom and I shopped, or window shopped rather. I would have loved to buy a piece from this particular art gallery but I can't yet afford it :).
Besides arts, crafts, and jewelery, many of the shops sold holiday items as well. Some items were cute, others a bit scary, where do you think this table of singing doll figures falls? Ha.
In between we also stopped for coffee. My mom and I hadn't slept well the night before so we certainly needed it. We could have gotten a cookie or two as well, but neither of us were hungry enough :).
The weekend was technically supposed to be a family weekend but I was happy for it to be just my mom and I. Since I'm the oldest of three, there was a time when I had her all to myself, and I'm not gonna lie, I still miss it. I feel so lucky to be so close with her.
Nonetheless, I would've also liked to share such a day with every one else. Oh well, things happen. We ended our day with a antiquing and then drove to the middle of nowhere for dinner.
Ha, I'm only half kidding. It was very much the pleasant evening, I'll be sure to tell you more about it tomorrow. In the mean time, I'm off to call my roommate and meet a graduated Syracuse-area friend of mine for lunch at a Greek restaurant. I must also make sure I make the Mix it Up (an international conversation group) meeting at five this evening. Hope you have a fantastic Friday!

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